Well Where To Start?

I don't feel like my wife listens to me, I know I'm not the only one who believes this. I can say one thing and ask her to repeat what I say and then put her input in. Then Wife will come back with something either totally unrelated or just a matter of opinion that's not accurate or just off the wall.
One thing that I think is a matter of opinion Wife said "well what if your drug dealer cuts his stuff with some other herb?" we were talking about marijuana. I laughed and said uh yeah that's not going to happen, for one: Dealers want you to come back, and if they "cut" it as she says with something such as angel dust or what not wouldn't they charge more for the same product?
I'm just sick of her opinions and I want some input from a unbiased observer. There is way more to this story, but I don't want to go into details about how I act towards her but I have been taking steps to correct my issues. She makes the excuse about how I treated her badly for the past 6 years and now it is her turn to treat me like ****.
Sure I have punched holes in the wall, thrown things, called her a lazy *****, a dumb ****, screamed and shouted at her, but like I said I am taking steps to quit my pattern of abuse and rectify ( heh heh he said rectify) my actions. Now what should I do? I don't want a divorce and I don't want to lose my house and kid. arugggggggggggh
Gabe420 Gabe420
31-35, M
Jul 24, 2011