My Wife Obessesion With Thai Gigolo

i have recently posted a story about and what my wife is goin thur. Here alittle story of what actualy happened.

Me and my wife are chinese singaporean. In singapore, there is something call "thai disco" taken from thailand. Whereby, there will be live band, where gigolo and prosititue will sing and the person who hang the most expansive garland wil get company by them. There are also alot of thai girls call cayote, where they will just sit with u let u touch for tips. Its very common place in singapore where at very nightspot or hotel, there will be 1-2 thai disco near by.

I always think that thats entertainment for guys, i was wrong, girl do go to these places and they are extremely obsess with the gigolo singers.

I and my wife was once a group of friends and we use to patron this places. She was very obsess with thoses gigolo singer and would give garland to them to almost 1k a day. That is partly how she owns the bank more then 20k.

There was this one time she one of her friend went to thailand alone to find the gigolo and they three stayed in the hotel together on the same bed. She would always tell us thay her friend had sex with the gigolo and she didnt join in . Come on, who would believed that?
Shortly after, she suddenly said she was in love with me, and my friend match make us together, i never liked her before and my friend is just being an ahole. When we got together she always wanted to have sex with me and ask me to ***
In her. One day, she told me she was pregnant and we got married. I was thought the baby is not mine and i was a decoy. It was some thai gigolo baby and i was the scapegoat.

Then there was once, it was her birthday, she insist if celebrating at a thai disco. After a couple of drink, i was tipsy and went aside with my friend for a smoke and chat. When i return, i saw her kissing a thai gigolo amd letting him touch her breast. I was so angry, i went home, and she didnt even call me. The very next day, i went to her home asking to cancel the marriage, she was not remorseful, said i act too much and was less from guilty. Then she apologise and show infront of me she deleted all contact from thai and all the thai photos and said she dont wan any contact with them again. Seeing that she is pregnant with "my" baby i decided to forgive her.

But that didnt end, she kept all the thai boy photo in her pc. Bought a webcam. She also posses 2 phone. A iphone and a blackberry, she stop taking out her blackberry since we quarrel and i find it suspicious. So one night when she was sleeping, i took her keys opened her table and took her blackberry out. I am surprise the batteries was full, and was i saw make me worst. She stored all the numbers in her blackberry and was constantly bbm with a thaiguy. Bbm is very popular in thailand why didnt i know that! I kept this to myself all the while.

Then come the holiday, and ironically we went to thailand. When we were at thailand i thought it was a perfect getaway, but it all went down the drain. She was seen constantly msging somebody. And even we are not lost she will keep saying "hey i think we are lost, i knew a friend let him be our guide for the vaction" "hey u have any plans tomorrow? Why dont we ask my friend along". Ofcause i knew what she was up to, and prevented her for ever meeting the guy. And her attitude changed, she became so angry and pissed with me from then.

When we came back we got married. That is where the nightmare start. She treated me like a thai boy, like a pet and talk to me like a small kid. Then she got hystrical and always argue with me over small things, she prevent me from see ANY of my real friend, she stalks my phone and facebook gaining total control and she also curse all my family for no reason. and all the nightmare i mention in my pervious post started happening. I knew she do all these because she is desperate, she wants to go back to her thai gigolo lives. She always scream "why pregnant women cant drink" and she constantly asking her friends update of whats goin on in the thai disco and who are the new boys. She does all this to me because she blames me for stopping her go thai disco. But she was the one who trick me into marriage.

Last month, i had enough, i move back to my mother places and stop all contact with my wife. Ven the kid is due next week today i totally doesnt care anymore. And she didnt call me also. The only time she call me is to argue and she will always mention "u have no money"( actually i had 20k over and was the only breadwinner and she was the ***** who owns bank credit) she wi also say" because of u i gave up my thai boy, i should have **** all of them". She never wanted to resolve the problem.

To add salt to the wound. The gynae gave me a prediction date we penetrate that give birth to the baby. And it was a date during along period of time we didnt have sex cause im pissed by her thai obsession. It was durimg a period where she always visit thai disco when im on night shift and she came home late. But she still refuse to tell me if infact the baby is not mine!

I wanted a divorce now so bad, i cant take the torture anymore, but i cant file for a divorce, it gonna cost me money and i barely married for one year meaning i have to wait another 3 years to offically file. Why cant she understand that thai gigolo are here to work, they dont give a **** about u, they just wan ur money maybe some free sex. Why cant she wake up? And why does she drag me into this? I slowly slipping into depression, and i cant escape this, she refuse to divorce and all i can do now is hide from her till she gives up.
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i am thai. since when girls in pattaya are women of thai race? No burmese men never go to pattaya. And since when your dark skinned women from Isaan or Northeast part of thailand or from the south are thai ethic women? our thai kings never married any women from Isaan or any dark Isaan woman. thais conquerred that part (larger than england) from loas, and this part of land was once also colonized by khmer. people in that part have never been any ruling race. the south of thailand was conquerred by whtie thais 300 year ago. that's why there have been many separatist movements there.
White people in thailand are just minority who are decendants of Dai/Tai race of altai mountains, and white mon-khmer, not chinese blood. chinese are darker than these white race. our northern thais have super light skin, ligher than chinese in general and they are descendants of Dai/Tai Race. our thai kings are direct descendant of white mon-khmer and white dai/tai race. but these white people are minority. thai chinese are generally dark because chinese men were rejected by white thai women and had to marry blacks.

* first line should read 'your wife only loves herself' Auto correct in iPhone is awful

Look your wife only loves yourself. You are worth more than that. Unfortunately the worlds strive for 'equality' has lead to an imbalance where woman are actually favoured in family courts. Get a paternity test, and file for 'seperation'. Collect friends to support you , and move your money off shore. You will find someone who treats you with mutual respect and loyalty. Please never marry someone agsin in a rush , especially in your heart if u don't trust them, I hate woman that try to use kids as pawns. It's discussing. Also post all proof of her infedelity to every one of her family members . She should be ostracised.

When my German girlfriend had the first time sex with a thai gigolo I was desperately jealous. But unlike other guys I stayed together with her and Claudia encouraged me to do so but insisting to have the right to have sex with Khun. Khun on the other hand was not intending to deliberately destroy our relationship and chase me away but he insisted that he will be the ONLY one who will bed my girl and simultaneously live on our holiday budget. If you like it, Claudia developed in Bangkok into a hot alpha female who instinctively started looking for a even stronger alpha male to have sex with her. Khun realized very quickly this situation and once he broke my resistance in front of her and forced me to respect him,...she was ready to do everything for him and expected me to play my role and the bottom of the hierarchy,...what I finally did.If you like it like this: A western couple which got eventually 'trapped' in Bangkok<br />

Pardon me, is this marriage? , how this call marriage, you must respect and don't betray each other. <br />
Make a DNA test, and make sure that this baby yours, but I think even if this was your baby, life will not continue this way, life ba<x>sed on love and trust.