Help!!!! My Wife Is Crazy!!!

My wife, 36 and I 37, met 2 years ago and have been married since feb 2010.  I didnt know that she was very bipolar at first but started to notice this when she moved in with me summer of 2010.  I didnt think anything of it at first and just mainly blew it off.  Besides this, we have actually had a great relationship with just a few little arguments here and there since we met.  After we got married my wife would lose it at least once a month.  I have no problem with the bipolar but she quit taking her meds because we wanted to try to get pregnant but this just made things worse.  She is very violent and likes to start arguments and try to hit me or pish me around when something doesnt go her way.  She drinks all the time and I finally took all of the alcohol out of the house and she told her family and friends that she did that.  Her family hates me and now I can never go around them again because they only have heard her side of the story.  Some people ask why I am still here and really its because I do love her  but I am tired of her **** and dont know what to do about it.  I had to call the cops on her one night because she tried to push me over our staircase in our own home!  I have been through counseling and she has told me that I need to leave but I really dont want to unless that is my final option. 
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You said you were trying to have kids. that would be a mistake. If you still don't have kids get the hell out.

Get out.

I am not all financially dependant on her. I am the bread winner in the house and give her everything she wants. I am completly done with her. I have reached my breaking point today and I will do something about it. She can move back to NC and work for her daddy again for all I care

Married to a woman that is Bipolar for 15 years. The last 10 years have been a total nightmare. GET OUT NOW it will only get worse. Having a kid will make it harder to get out. Our son is14 I will for sure be out of this nightmre by the time he is 18.

Man you gotta get out, she is mad

Your wife wants to leave you. Then why r u sticking on with such a woman. Are u financially dependent on her.