Met My Bitchy Wife On Aol

When I met my wife I was the last single person in a group of about 20 friends. That year my best friend hung himself and that is when I became an introvert, no longer going out after work to play hockey, volleyball or any other activities. I turned to AOL in a time of weakness and my wife seemed like such an Angel... WRONG! I am from Massachusetts and she is from Miami. I told her when we met that I NEVER wanted to leave New England.... four years later I have moved from the Tampa, FL area, amazingly I am still married to her. She is two years older...looking older by the day....she ******* about what she DOESN'T have....instead of being happy with a 1,800 sq ft house...a new mini-van w/a CD player (etc)... I see all of these guys in their early 40's with the second...younger....gratefull wife and I say to myself....when is it my turn??? I can't wait for that day! We are talking divorce now but I hear from friends that I have all kinds of broke to look forward to. She is such a bad driver I am just praying she drives off one of the hilly roads here in NC one of these days and that will spare me and my two boys. She claims to have ADD but her IQ seems to be the problem...I mean 4 + 4 is a brain teaser to her. Now I catch her on a Dr. Phil web site looking to sign us up...I told her to F Off! Well it was fun to get some of thiss off my chest... now if I could only get her in the ring with Ali's daughter!
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I apologize if it seems that I'm shaming guys for judging women based on appearance. That is not what I had intended. I just mean that if that is important, then that should be discussed before marriage, and if you can't deal with a woman aging or getting fat, don't marry. It's okay for that to be important. You're human after all. You cannot help what you find attractive.

Okay... I get that most men are visual and all... So when you start dating a woman, why not tell her that her appearance and age is a deal-breaker and save both yourselves the trouble? Get hookers, if appearance means that much to you.

I'm not beautiful... I'm one of the women that most men would pass up as unattractive. I have a beautiful face and hair, natural peaches and cream coloring so no need for make-up, but my body leaves much to be desired. Here's the thing though... My vagina still functions just as much as other women's. I can get my body in better shape. In fact, I'm working on it. Stupid can't be fixed. I've studied about sex because I know that guys find that important.

My husband is a happy man, because I didn't choose him for how he looks, or how much money he makes. I chose him because we have similar interests and he's the loyal, honest type. I don't use sex as a tool to get what I want. I try things that he asks. I tell him how much I love and appreciate him often. I care for our kids, most of the time. My husband loves me enough to watch the kids so I can see a movie and workout. He helps with chores sometimes because he knows that 3 kids make a lot of messes, and he loves me.

Our relationship is built on mutual respect and admiration. I told him that I will not cheat. If I ever feel attracted to someone else, he'll be the first to know, and I wouldn't act on it unless my spouse and I divorced. I expect the same respect from him because of diseases. I deserve to have the choice of whether to continue sexual relations with him if he wants to have sex with someone else. Otherwise, he's making that choice for me, knowing the risks, which is a d1ck move. Diseases have the potential to ruin a person's life. I saw my uncle die of AIDS, so this is important to me.

It also helps that he is 15 years older than me. Sorry ladies, but guys like much younger women. They want to reproduce, biologically speaking, and a 40 year old woman isn't going to produce as many children as a 20 year old woman, usually.

I find it interesting that a study was done that shows while men sniffed ovulating women's vaginal secretions, that ANY woman looks attractive to them. So this visual thing isn't completely true, guys. It's a general rule.

People are so quick to jump into relationships based only on stupid crap like appearance. They don't discuss important things like how many children they'd like to have. Then they expect it to work? Not likely. I understand people change over time, like when the wife decides that she wants 2 kids instead of 4 because she bore the pain of childbirth. And that's okay. This is why I don't think that marriage has to be forever. My husband knows that he can leave at any time, but he doesn't want to. We still have stuff to do together and talk about. We spend a lot of time together, not by my choice.

Sucky marriages are 100% preventable.

marriage is crazy difficult and it is heartbreaking and downright depressing to live with a negative person. I wish you good things. I see some comments are clearly misunderstanding. I get it and many people who are married do, too.

What a nasty story.

Fact of year 2013.....most women marry for money , they are lazy and "marriage-divorce-remarry" is their career.

someone hates women

I am a recently divorced 42 yo man. My ex wife cheated on me & divorced me. Most women are gold diggers these days. Marriage is a Gambling. Nobody knows what is in a marriage till he got married, but then it is too late. It's wise to stay single. Fact is --- married people are NOT necessarily happier than single people. Read this for realistic view of married life.

MonirZaman, you are right on target!! The website that you have linked is the best reading of all time and finally the truth, not the garbage in here. I don't think many people can handle the truth in that article.

OMG the way that people treat each other at time sickens me. I really think your wife is looking for something she can never have with you.....a nice, loving man. That's why she tries to fill her whole with material things.

This response is coming from a young beautiful woman....I absolutely love older men, but they have to have brains. You apparently dont have any. "Trade her in for a newer model?" Wow! People age as they get older. Im sure your crowsfeet around your eyes can atest to that, cant they? Any man no matter how their relationship stands no true man would never wish death on their spouse. That right there says alot about you. I wouldnt trust you at all. I also wouldnt be surprised to turn on the news and see that you killed her just to be free. Thats what happens when you meet people online that are crazy. You deserved it! You do realize that bad wishing on someone else causes bad karma on yourself, right? You got alot coming your way....and its not good. Bastard!

You think you're beautiful?? You're picture sure looks ugly to're fat! Anyone who believes in karma is stupid anyway. I don't think the guy writing this article would want you anyway. You seem to be an entitled bitchy female like the others who comment here. Why don't you just go away and spread your gloom somewhere else?

"Entitled bitchy female". Many guys, not all need to look up the definition of entitled or explain themselves better because this is what I hear from a lot of them. Not all men, but a lot. "I'm a man, so I'm entitled to a slave wife who works her *** off keeping my house clean, (even if she's working full-time), takes care of our kids, makes sure that dinner is on the table when I get home because obviously I am the most important thing in the world, and looks young and hot despite the fact that she ballooned to twice her normal size during pregnancy, multiple times, because of medical issues not eating, nearly died having our offspring, had to have c-sections, ruining her nice body with a nice long scar across the bottom of her belly that still hurts, years after the last one, because of nerve damage during the surgery, gave up her prime, attractive years for me, and risks having no one to love once she's too old and 'fat' for me to find her attractive, yet, I don't have to lift a finger to help even though I don't have a back breaking job, I don't have to treat her with respect, and I deserve to have sex even though I treat her poorly, and we have plenty of kids." Yeah, some women do sound entitled, but some men sound entitled as well. And her bitchiness does not excuse some men's abuse. Sorry, but when you talk about women in general in a way, it makes me think that it's possible you verbally abuse your wife, if not physically abuse her. There are ways to express disappointment with your life/wife without sounding like a ****.

I forgot to mention that many men think that it's okay to "let themselves go", while expecting the wife to stay beautiful. What a crappy double standard.

sounds like you were made for each sound pretty dumb yourself, marrying someone like that in the first place. How long were you dating before you got married? Were you desperate to get married or what? And hearing someone talk about their life partner like they would be okay with them dying? Just pathetic and really sad. PS - women aren't objects, men age too - if you're looking to trade 'er in for a 'newer model' then you are sexist and brainwashed by the media. Grow up!

Hmm. I'm the younger, second (soon to be) wife. Funny thing is, HE is the ungrateful one. I wish he had your attitude, especially to his 1st wife.

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younger and more grateful,sounds a bit like marrying some old guy with money to me,once you can honestly say you are a mature,not bitter not abusive person,you may attract someone the same,as opposed to controlling people with the purse strings,not a recipe for happiness all round

I would get my wife in the ring with tyson, he surely will rid me off her.

Brother, get divorced, but I urge you NOT to marry again (even if she is a newer model). Second marriages have even higher rates of divorce - DON'T DO IT, you'll wind up even broker than before. Play the **** & chuck game instead. Why buy when you can rent for free? Luck Mate.

Why buy when you can rent for free? Thats really sad, but just to be a ***** isnt free either? Its goes like this: Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?"

Hmmmm a tad bitter ;) Well life does SUCK at times but you do have some responsibility for the sad mere fact that you CHOSE her .... yikes!!

It sounds to me like your wife is younger than you even if she's actually older. She needs to take charge of her life instead of putting her problems out on you. I know because I deal with the same thing everyday. I also see my married friends with grateful wives who work and help out. I think what both of our spouses don't realize is that they are part of a unit, or a partnership, if you will. I think maybe she wanted more out of the marriage than what she got and is now mad about it. Write her off asap and don't look back bra...

Most women marry for Money :)