Bait And Switch

so glad to have found this site.  commisseration provides some level of solace.  over 20 years ago i met a woman who was educated, driven, sweet, and level-headed.  the 1st 6 months we dated, we didn't have a single fight.  that actually perked my ears a bit because our first fight was "honey - we haven't had one fight.  is this the real you??  this relationship just seems too good to be true?"  man was i on to something ...

then we got engaged.  the first signs of what an irrational, pigheaded, ignorant OCD-controlling lunatic she was came in the wedding preparations.  tried to be the good fiance and offered my advice when i was asked.  not only did she shoot me down, but she did so in such a condescending way, i should have immediately taken notice.  I tried to rationalize it, saying "the wedding day is more for the bride than the groom,...she's just stressed.  I'll overlook it.". and i did. 

well  the wedding day came (2 days before our wedding it snowed 2 feet - was God trying to tell us something?) and went - actually a very nice event. On the plane ride to the honeymoon, psycho-bi-yach makes her grand entrance.  4 hours on the plane freaking out over the presents we received at the wedding.  "This family is soo cheap, ...  can't believe they only gave that,...your family gave a lot less $$ than my family" (granted - i came from a more humble background but that doesn't factor into the equation).  flash forward nearly 20 years - we have 3 beautiful kids (the 2 older ones despise my wife, the little one is still learning).i always said to myself that i would never marry a materialistic, money-hungry, shallow girl.  i needed someone with depth.  she was like that while we were courting.  and it turned off like a light switch when we got married.  my wife hasn't worked in nearly a decade because i worked my tail off developing a successful business.i have never cheated on her.  i have provided her a nice house in a desirable neighborhood,  but that's not enough.

and as far as the sex - i don't even bother.  to top it all off, she has put on 75 pounds since our wedding and the way she eats, i anticipate the her hitting the century mark by 2014.

long and short of it is this: love my kids too much to call a divorce lawyer.  i have become a work-a-holic, and what little time i have to myself i volunteer to community or helping out with my kids extra-curricular activities, just to avoid dealing with her.
sysiphus2012 sysiphus2012
May 6, 2012