Long Time Coming

Short sweet justice was mine, written in a state of frustrated loneliness. My brother, more like a father figure, always told me to take the high road and be patient. Someone named britishbabe commented on my story recently and inspired me to repost, an update if you will.
I listened to my brother as I have always looked up to him. See, he is a single dad having survived the clutches of a hateful human being. He got lucky when she just finally found some new sex and left him.
My ex had taken so much medication that it had deadened her sex drive. Part of why i ended up hating her so is the reason i can respect her beliefs. She would not leave her children as she knew that was what would let everyone down for the final time. She had let them down constantly and she fought that final act. Ultimately it was not her choice, it was a judges.

I have to post this but i must sincerely say that i do not hate her as a person; i hate what her disease hed made her. Let me be clear when i say that when it comes to the safety of my children I cannot distinguish between the two. Sorry!!!
An angel sent from somewhere disguised as a divorce lawyer entered our lives and changed them forever. Angel lawyer yeah I could go on all day about the contradiction of terms but with my ten year battle it almost makes sense. My oldest, ten now, became so sad to seee his mom stumble slurr and ruin events like birthday parties that he reached out to his school counselor. He had come to hate the same thing I had. He saw her several times and we convince her to call the dhr in our county to report her actions. The result would be the same- as long as i was there to sweep up her mess and make the envirnoment safe they were not going to do a thing. I wass maintaining a safe envirinment for the children in their eyes.

It is most definately a flawed system when the employees even showed disgust in their lack of ability to step in. My son's counselor was beside herself with frustration. It takes a lot to become a licensed counselor and even she, with what she had seen over the years, was in shock.

I had come to realize that the one thing that would fix my situation was the one thing that we could not afford. Mom had drained any financial security that we possibly could have enjoyed. Court costs and car impound fees, fines and copay for rehabs, shppping sprees and body work for wrecked cars... I could go on and the more I do the more hatred I feel. Again SORRY!!!
I knew that i had to pay an attorney to resolve my situation and that is what had held me trapped since long before my first story"Short Sweet Justice". By the way, oh how wrong I was to call it Short or Sweet- Wow. As I write I am overcome with emotions. I realize our nature is to block out the pain. It is how we have survived as a race forever. Sorry, back to the story.

The counselor, hands tied and frustrated, called a mentor of hers for advice. The mentor happened to be having lunch with her best friend- the angel attorney. The minute she heard the story she VOLUNTEERED herself and her services. I had to prove that I was not lying which took pulling arrest records and driving stuff. Dui with kids in the car will **** a good woman right off. Yes she is female. After a ten year nightmare an "ex-parte" order,emergency removal of a spouse from the home for safety reasons, had her removed from the home within a month.

I know she will be in my life as long as my children are alive and I cannot help but try to help her in any way i can. its just my nature, i am a loving caring person. My friends get onto me because of all the hateful things she has done to me. Trying to have me arrested in any way possible including but not limited to saying I sold drugs and beat her. she's sick. We are no longer subjected by force to her insanity . We can leave anytime we see fit. Beeautiful.

Some were critical of my last post and i am sure, absolutely positive, that they had never been in my shoes.
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How are the kids doing now?