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Im not sure I hate her...but I certainly resent the hell out of her. We've been married for five years and have a three year old daughter. I think she's still pissed at me for the way I treated her when she was pregnant. I was mad at the time because I thought we agreed we would wait. I'll admit I was a **** and I did finally remember that we did talk about having kids when we were dating. I've probably spent the last couple of years resenting her because after we got married I told her I wanted to wait, she told me that's not what she signed up for and if we didn't want the same things she would leave me. I agreed to have the child but felt forced into the whole situation, so I wasn't the nicest soon-to-be dad.

Fast forward a little, I love my daughter more than anything; but my wife and I still have issues steaming from this original problem. She recently discussed having another baby, but I don't think we can afford it. She says we make over 130,000/year (she does our taxes), so she doesn't see why. I don't want to ******* live from paycheck to paycheck just because she feels like she got slighted the first time (or according to her, she doesn't want our daughter to not have the benefits of having a sibling). Since that conversation two weeks ago, she has been a *****! She has cursed me out twice over BS. The latest was yesterday...I got pissed and no, I didn't get her anything for mothers day. I asked her if she wanted to go to brunch, she said it would be too crowded.

I'll admit, I don't have the problems y'all wife cooks, cleans, works is an excellent mother and is good looking (she is 35 and people thinks she's in her early twentys), but I can't help but be unhappy with her.
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Yea throwing fits and pouting is going to fix your marriage. Your at fault here. Grow up

DON'T DO IT!! Do not have a baby if you are not sure the relationship will last. Tell her you will consider having a baby if you all can do 6 months of marriage counseling. Do not jump in and hope a new kid will bring good luck. I know people that move every time they have marriage problems. Trust me marriage counseling is the way to go. Most church's offer marriage counseling for free!

Your wife is not as bad as compared to a few other wives mentioned in other stories(including mine). I think having another baby is not a bad idea. Some times a new baby brings in good luck.<br />
Anyways all the best. Be patient everything will be fine, believe me!!

"a new baby brings good luck"? what kind of advice is that... kids are not miracle solutions to your marriage problems

I am not one to usually defend these women, but going off what you describe, a little compromise from your end wouldn't be such a bad idea.<br />
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Stay Strong & Goodluck

Well it looks like I may not have to worry about it. During our latest discussion she told me not to worry about it. She really didn't want to be pregnant for someone that is so against the idea of us having more kids.