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I Hate My Bitchy Wife !

My wife is a nagging, harping, finger pointing know it all *****. I am seriously thinking of just up and leaving her ! I cannot stand her touching me, we never have relations anymore, I don't want to spend time with her, talk to her, and I could care less about anything she has to say ! I don't know WHY the hell I married her, I was happier and better off single !!!!!
cyberfixture cyberfixture 41-45, M 72 Responses Apr 11, 2007

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I can understand totally all of this. I was in a 16 year loveless marriage to my ex who I met in Navy A School. Just wasn't anything left. Tank was empty. Consequently, I had inherited quite a bit (QUITE) of money a year before we decided to call it quits. My ex was going to move back to her hometown and I was to remain in mine. We decided to sell our 5 bedroom home and split up the 2 large annuities and investments I had with her. In that time I met my now wife. She was fun, loving, caring, however 15 years my minor. That was perfect for me because I had just gotten out of the Army and was kind of a high speed kind of person. Gym every day, run 4 days a week yada yada. My ex was pedestrian at best so finding my new wife was a refreshing change. Sex was great! In cars, in my office, hell even outside of a club IN the car before we left! Wildcat and loved it! I split the money after my divorce and put us (she had two kids from a previous marriage) in a 3 year old nice Acadian home. She had to pay nothing. I paid all the expenses, even her kids expenses. Bought her a new car because she had to declare bankruptcy over a Chinese dry wall house she and her ex had together and gave her own car up. This is going on way too long. Long story short I started my own personal training business, it bombed. Money ran out and while she works now and we have slowly climbed out of debt, she's a total ***** now and has changed 180 degrees. The sweet, caring person now barely gives me the time of day and flat out just ignores me as she feels necessary. Sends a text, then just drops the phone and don't hear back from here while she's out "shopping". Oh yeah and we had two children together that I love dearly, but like she says "Im over toddlers and babies now". 1 year old daughter is coughing and sick and rather than then bring her back home for a much needed nap (after going to my stepdaughters 3rd grade right of passage ceremony) she decides to go home, get a bed bath and beyond coupon and go shopping for two hours and then pick up my son at daycare! Wow man, this is what I gave up a life of financial security and basically an easy life for. A disgruntled, shopaholic who ******* constantly she has to "get out of the house" every weekend because shes "bored" and spends every minute and dollar we have on spoiling HER kids in the process. Fed up man, fed up.

I went through almost all of this for the past 16 years. Hit a peak and said I wanted a divorce. My wife had anger problems, 3 counselors tried to get her help, and our kids left and kids were afraid of her constantly. I'm not perfect. ..far from it. But I work hard for 6 figures, help with the house and kids. I couldn't figure out how or whst happened...why me friends didn't come around...why she had none. I just knew "I" wasn't happy.

Then we tried a Love & Respect retreat. It didn't work but we both gave me hope. I then read a FB post about not looking for your spouse to be Mrs. Right and her being right for me BUT me being Mr. Right for her. I mean...we must've had something right at one point. I swallowed my pride and aplogized even when I knew it was her fault. I rnvoursged her hobbies and habit no matter what.

Although it's been quite a while and things are not perfect....they are better. We sre in our early 40's so we have time to get out but decided to kerp sucks. Marriage isn't easy. I don't think it was meant to be easy.

Be Mr. Right versus complaining here about her being Mrs. Wrong.

Dude,I know exactly how you feel. My wife is the same....finger pointing, know it all *****. She's a ******* liar too. I know a lot of men that feel the same about their wives. It's like an epidemic. Women don't know how our don't care to be ladies anymore. The Good Book says that it's easier to live with one arm than to live with a nagging wife. I never really got that until I married this *****. What's up with these ******* anyhow?

I hate my life but in other way, she is blocking me to get to my dreams.
Remember, the more you stay the more cost you pat, which is your time!!! It never gets back.
You've already lost it

This is horrible. Why do men stay with cruel and emotionally abusive women?
I have fallen in love with a wonderful man, he doesn't know although he might suspect. He has been in an emotionally abusive marriage for 20 years and now he doesn't even dare to speak to me because it makes his wife "upset", even though we used to be very good friends. I love this man dearly, I have a very peaceful nature, the depth of an artist, the body of a barbie doll, and the IQ of a librarian. Yet, he is committed to his bitchy wife that makes his life miserable. What is wrong with you, men?
I would never want to be a home-wrecker, and this is why I never let him know that I have any feelings for him, but his marriage is so blatantly, obviously poisoned. It makes me feel ashamed to be a woman and it makes me sad when I see good women loyal to jerks and good men committed to bitchy women.

Hey there,
Not sure if you've been in a longvterm relationship, but after such a long time you get used to it. Like having lunch at 12 noon everyday for 20years.
To change, some one needs balls.
His wife sees you as a treat, so be one

Well said, I'm one of those guys. I love my wife very much but the only difference between a good husband and s fool is how his wife fefeelsels about him. If he tries to please her forever, if he opens every door and lights every cigarette, if he tells her she's beautiful and works hard and loves her with all that he long as she loves him back, he's a hero. If she doesn't live him back, he's a fool. just sayin

hey cyber. You bring up a point I've expressed a few times since joining. women want to know why their men stray or cheat. your case is a pretty clear-cut case of why.

no man wants to spend big hours working a job for a boss who is an a**hole then come home to a bitchy wife.Let's dispense with the formalities, a ***** is a *****. I'm rolling my eyes now because my wife is constantly complaining about our youngest daughter being fat, all the while, my wife is tipping the scales at 260lbs. A bit of the pot calling the kettle black. I do NOT want to emotionally hurt my daughter by calling her fat and am trying to instill this attitude that if she goes out and plays, raising her heart rate for atleast 30 minutes a day, she can start losing her weight and so on.

But my wife is killing me with her negativity. She'll harp on the same damn subject for 30-60 minutes.. on and on.. over and over, saying the same thing over and over ad nauseum...women.. quit complaining to the point guys like Cyber and I leave you.

"I hate talking to her I hate being around her. If I say I love her she say nothing back If I hug her she pulls away saying she tired from work."

I have stopped saying I love you to her at least 10 years ago...because I don't. Don't cha love it when she pulls away. There's nothing that I could do back to her that would make her feel even half as bad as she makes me feel. What a terrific wife!

Never be fearful. Get medeival on her verbally and if she is still rude then leave her. In this bad economy women are a dime a dozen. You and you alone have the power, young Skywalker.

Fairly certain that this is the case. Looking at it from the financial security perspective and gazing deeply into the primitive stuff, women want men to do things for them in a simple cheap exchange of favors for sex. This really is at the heart of marriage and while not readily apparrent in the beginning of a relationship, it always makes it's ugly self known. I am married to one of the most gigantic ***** on the planet - don't even need to go through the details. I get through it by loving my daughter, and having friends, and a few hobbies so I can enjoy my life.

You can't control them you can only hope to contain them:
Game Changer

woman are useless bitchesonly good for one thing taking mans money thats all there good at im sick of them

I will go over and biatch slap her right after i stick my hog in her azz. i love azz play

Pain2: most of us are lucky enough to be married to a woman with a fair amount of good qualities. So, if you don't mind, **** OFF IF YOU CAN'T HELP US!

I know the feeling mate what can u do when u have lovely kids to the ******* botch

I have been married for 2 years and it started out just painful. My wife is the worst alcoholic. I am 25 and I need a divorce. My wife has just been nagging and nagging since the beginning. She has 3 children that aren't mine and they all have bitchy attitudes that I can't even teach them anything. She wakes me up every night with her digusting snoring and I need my sleep because I have 2 jobs to supply for the family and her ******* drinking habits. Every night I wake up and just want to knock her out, so I decided to sleep downstairs on the couch. Then just yesterday she hit me and the face for not getting what she liked at the store. I almost hit her back but stopped myself and simply said we need a divorce. Then she starts telling me she quit alcohol and she will never do that again and that we can take classes. What the ****? Hell no I am getting a divorce I can do 100 times better then her. Plus I better end this before it gets out of hand. 2 years of that crap was enough. Sex was horrible and I don't even like her anymore. I don't even understand how I liked her in the first place. I am never going to get married again. This was the worst 2 years of my life.

I been married almost 3 years and its to the point where I just do not like my wife any more. She b*tch and complain every damn day. We have one kid together and she has 2 from previous relationships I love my son to death but I wish I never met her bitter b*itchie ***. Somedays she wants to smile and talk nice then she bitching about something else just to b*Tch about. Everytime I find a higher paying Job she b*itches about having to spend time with the kids more. Because job will have me working more hours but double the pay. I work night and when I get off I still have my son all morning even when she is off. She sleep late and I work 8 hours and want have no sleep before my next shift. Then she has the nerve to say I m boring because I don t want to go out. Maybe if I had rested enough I would.
I hate talking to her I hate being around her. If I say I love her she say nothing back If I hug her she pulls away saying she tired from work. SomeTime s I want to knocked the hell out of her but I do not want to protray a negative image around the kids. She always want to go on vacation and trips and rather spend all the towards it instead of paying bills. She b*itches about her job and gets mad because I don't make enough to take care of the family. If she would have allowed me to take the higher paying job then we would be OK instead of near foreclosure and power company about to turn off lights every month. I really think that after tax season and I save enough money I'm divorcing her *** quick and getting joint custody of my son. Let her ***** to someone because I 'm tired of hearing and dealing with her complaining ***.

I try my best. I work pretty hard in the house, but I am often spoken down to. I feel lonely and at times fearful.


Soooo glad I found this forum! Was so pissed off at my bydch of a wife that I just typed "I hate my wife" into the browser and it took me here. My wife and I have a son, whom I love more than air.. He's the ONLY reason I don't just tell her to fugh OFF. The second he turns 18 I'm leaving her unfun, lazy, surly, complaining azz. My wife thinks the world owes her everything. She works part time. Yet I do ALL of the house work and yard work. I cook ALL of the meals. All while woking at least 48 hours a week. The ONLY job she does is laundry. And she only does that because it's not actual work. It's a minimal contribution. My wife is absolutely NO FUN. She complains about EVERYTHING. We've been to TWO marriage counselors and as soon as the counselor says she's doing anything wrong or takes my side on any issue she doesn't want to see him any more. She's always pouting or sulking. Always has a problem. She's constantly upset. I personally know at least five of my female friends who would LOVE to have me as their husband. I have 15 years of this misery to deal with. Then I can dump her *** and have a happy life without her. I'm stashing money and preparing for that day. As soon as my son turns 18 it's gonna be SEE YA LATER!!! Goodbye misery.

Man, we are in the same boat. Although my wife doesn't work. We have 2 daughters, they are the loves of my life. It's the only reason I'm still with her. I do mostly everything around the house; laundry, dishes, cleaning, groceries, changing bed sheets. My wife says she's beat bc it's so tough taking care of the kids during the day. I'm sure it is. Our kids are a handful. But seriously, as soon as I get home my oldest daughter runs down stairs practically begging to play while our youngest is still napping. I feed them, bathe them. What a coincidence that she showers every time it's ready of then to eat dinner and when it's bath time she comes down stairs to pack their lunches for school which takes her forever to do. Oh, she also had a masters in psychology and she refuses to work leaving a $70k student loan debt lingering over our heads.

I've spend 11 years trying to stay married to this dumb *****. We got no kids thankfully, since she would be a piece of **** mother. Give this ***** $1000, she will spend $1100 and on some stupid ****. She has no personality. She has no clue what it going on in the real world. She is lazy. She is addicted to pills. She complains and *******. She isn't as good looking as she was, but she is still a looker. However, the sex is lame. She never helps around the house. She don't try to be a part of my family. She yells and takes advantage of her own family. She is ruining her younger brother's life by sharing her drugs with him. He looks up to her. <br />
<br />
I'm at the point where i'd rather live alone unhappy than live with her forever being unhappy.<br />
<br />
And this ***** won't be happy with anyone else. It's not me. She has issues.

And i've been sleeping on the couch for months now. Dumb ***** will sit in bed with the tv on all night long whethere she is asleep or not. Therefore, i can't sleep well. Yet i pay all the bills. She can't even be considerate that i need my rest.

It's all about her 24 hours a day 365 days a year. F'ing c*nt.

I am at a point where I would rather sleep on the cold floow in the lounge than sleep in the same bed with my "wife". She has become worse than the nastiest piece if *** I have ever seen. In fact I look at her now and simply have nothin inside for her. The fact of the matter is, she still feels that I love her and will often say "I love You", to that I do not respond. I cannot recall the l;ast time I uttered those words. She is a truly horridd individual who's only feelings are truly for herself and how she lives. She feels nothing for my being at all in fact, her words of I love you seem to be habitual rather than tru. <br />
We have a 1 year old daughter and that is the only reason I stay, when she is old enough and my finances are stable, I will leave her, this is a fact and not a dream. I will make this happen. I am 40 now and do not want to live my life with someone who is truly a ***** in every aspect of the word. I would ratrher live alone than with her.<br />
<br />
Just to put you in the picture, she said "if I ever left her she would cut off my dogs tail so that noone could experience happiness ever again". well I am sure my dog can do without his tail and he would be far happier without her. He would wag his *** as would I.

This page is so funny and sad all at the same time!!!! Very interesting....Okay so please help all you "I hate my bitchy wife!" contributors. <br />
I am a 27yr old woman married to a good man for 8 yrs but our marriage is falling apart. We both work full time but when I get off work my work continues. I know as a woman, I shouldn't think of tending to meals, laundry, cleaning, homework, managing our bills, ect as work but I do. Why is it that he gets off work and is off???? I try so hard not to be a nagging wife. I don't sweat the small stuff. I overlook mistakes as human error. But don't let me leave my towel on the floor in the morning because he has a fit!<br />
Even though, I am the only one that ever cleans that room too. <br />
I am working hard to advance in my career and always looking for ways to improve our family whether it is the kids' grades, our income, their extracurricular activities, things to do with my husband that he will enjoy. I have taken leaps of faith in the sex department. We have explored sex clubs, **********, sex play and other things. I try to be open-minded and fun but it is never enough. He says that I don't want to do anything sexually. Is it me? Am I supposed to be excited about sex when the session is all about your pleasure? I ask for candles, fun lights, maybe a shower scene sometimes but that is too much to ask for I guess???? So, yes, I am not very excited about sex anymore. I know the session will end with his satisfaction and my demented self trying to find my satisfaction in knowing he is happy.....<br />
WOW. I too give my kids tons of attention but I have always believed that if they lack some attention because I am spending it with Dad, it is not such a bad thing. It is good for them to see that. <br />
I can't get over feeling like he is always doing something behind my back. I am sneaky and snoop. I try to catch things before they go too far. He loves to socialize and I feel like crap when he does. I think because I am always feeling like he wishes I was more, or different. I never feel like what he wants. Obviously, I am a bit of a people pleaser! lol<br />
I am always in a bad mood around him. I tell him to leave. I yell at everything around me. I know I was very young when we got together and I have had my own set of "growing pains" but I have always loved him and try to be everything he needs or would want. <br />
I support him and encourage him. He sex plays with girls on line, sends naked pics of women online, makes vulgar comments among his social peers like "Have some of this before work" with a pic of an *** and *****. I wouldn't care but they all know he is married and I think it makes me look stupid especially when some of these peers are women. <br />
Before you say it, I am not suffering of low self esteem or whatever....People like me and think a lot about me. Some ask how he got me....ect but I am someone who came from a broken home, who knows how important a father is to their kids, and wants to be able to raise my kids in a 2 parent household, and love my husband. I want to be my hubby's wife, best friend, girlfriend..ect I want him to be happy and love me the way I deserve to be loved.<br />
So let’s have it.... I'm I crazy for being such a ***** to him???

naw, you seem like a good natured woman. a rarity. I hope you find happiness. I think i speak for these men here but, the types of women these are, it would be more enjoyable to wipe my butt with coarse sandpaper then deal with them.

If it helps any of you, I have a over dramatic wife. The littlest things make her freak out which makes me lose my temper and usually drives up my alcohol intake. I understand that I cannot change her over the last 9 years but something has to give. I wish you gentlemen luck. I sure need it. Probably won't come back to this site but good luck. I don't think drugs or alcohol are solving the problem but I feel like their are chooses. At least I have a great daughter and one on the way.

She uses her glosssed over cute and sexy voice! To the other guys, or gals on the other end of the microphone. On a mmorpg , not to me whos been slaving my @## off to pay for the abilities to do this. This house should be condemed for cleanliness but the B$#@@! is a level 75. How can I argue with that! Thwe last time sex was even a talk was ... really cant remember. And it was only a talk. I come home , mow the friggin lawn, wash the dishes, Which is really weird cause I use the same utensils every night, but she dont. lol. This mmo has taken over her life , but she thinks its her ..PRIVELAGE. She barely works, making annually what she spends in 3 weeks.THATS When I can get her to work, any job she does she has to ***** ABOUT IT. I could be a gladiator fighting for the survival of the human race, but she had to work beside so-and so , and that trumps that.I wonder if they have an mmo AAA yet, or if even this is my problem, juudging from all other posts, gender might be the problem. Good luck gents

I'm in the same situation but I'm a woman... I work all day - He doesn't want to work. I take the kids everywhere. I pay all the bills. He nags me from the time I walk in the door. Or on a lucky day he'll act like he's asleep until I go to bed then he'll get up. I'm financially exhausted - I leave for work at 6am and don't get back from taking the kids to practices until about 9:30pm - i usually have to buy food out because I have no time and my kids and I scramble just to have clean clothes- when I ask him why he can't at least cook or wash some clothes he replies that he isn't our n****r! Wow! Where is that coming from? As for sex - he told me years ago that I was "unf***able" - so I don't even bother to ask. I just don't know what to do - I think my children are entitled to their childhood and being happy - so my only plan is to continue with the same routine until they are grown - then I guess if he hasn't found someone else by then (since he gets to lay around and socialize all day) - I guess I'll have to see what happens then

i am a 43 year old man. i make six figures. i am a partner at a firm that i founded. we have a huge brick mini mansion on a lake in a very affluent neighborhood. i do work around the house. home improvements, landscaping. i am an amateur chef and cook dinner 4-5x a week. no kraft mac & cheese here, real meals like you'd get in a restaurant. we have very nice cars, take expensive trips. i buy her extravagant jewelry and gifts in an effort to make her happy.<br />
<br />
My wife is 46. we met 16 years ago. she has a son from her first marraige. her ex was a cheating lying piece of garbage. total lowlife. because of this she is completely jealous and as she's aged, she has become less self-confident, thus thinks im on the prowl looking for someone else, even though i've done nothing of the sort. she deleted 40+ friends from my facebook account behind my back because they were women she didn't know. they were business acquaintances, distant cousins or people i just knew from grade school, high school and college. not even any ex girlfriends. seriously. every text message or phone call i get is "who was that? your girlfriend?" in spite of all of my reassurances that i am not cheating, every thing is a dig. I have to travel for business, so of course she things i'm screwing everything that walks the minute i get to the airport. every trip is an exquisite torture of her thinking i'm up to no good and me having to defend myself against stuff i havent done. its so frustrating!<br />
<br />
She is CONSTANTLY picking at me. everything i do is wrong or stupid or not how i should have done it. hell, a busted clock is right twice a day. not me. always wrong. that's me. apparently after 43 years on earth, building a successful business, and having a great deal of book smarts and life experience, awards and accolades in my field, making my clients milions of dollars, at the crest of being the most successful i've ever been in my life, i'm a moron.<br />
<br />
her son is in his twenties, living with an ugly fat chick (whom he intends to marry) and has no job. BUM.<br />
<br />
between the insecurity, the jealousy, and the constant picking and arguing, i'm really trying hard to find a reason not to walk away, besides not wanting to lose half of my stuff.

@ luccabrazzi77~1st, I hope your wife doesn't find out I'm responding to your 'tale of woe' (as in I'm deathly afraid of car bombs and molotov
2nd, do you have children with your wife or is it just the first marriage son of hers you both raised?
And you should tell him to forget marriage, look at how miserable you are. The ugly fat chick is just gonna get fatter and uglier....and put HIM in debt. Oh wait, you said he HAS no job. Ooooohhhh....looks like YOU will be supporting the 'happy newlyweds" stepdad! Congrats! (HINT: GET OUT NOW!)
3rd, and prenup???? Its her SECOND marriage...even though her first husband screwed her over. Hmmm, you think she would HATE all men. Besides all your success, wealth, charm (perhaps good looks), prestige, reputation, career and that you're younger and have that wonderful mansion and are a wonderful cook and all....what did she see in you? Why'd she marry you? You should have made her sign a prenup! To hell with her insecurities! You have to stop living your life because of what someone else did to her? BS! To her to seek therapy and get over it already!

I'm in the same boat. your wife sounds a bit like mine. seems like the mid 40s cause women to become very insecure. i think they become jealous of younger, thinner woman and take it out on us because they are sure we notice and desire these other women. mine gained weight and i think that is part of it. you don't mention children in your marriage. if you don't have any i think you should get counselling for a few months to address both your issues. if you can't change something you need to leave this woman. your life will be fine. in the end you must take care of YOURSELF and stop this woman from ruining your life. if you really think you need to replace her, it is not hard. those younger thinner women are looking for secure, successful men. your stuff? who cares, you can replace it also. good luck.

I can totally relate to your situation. I also am a six figure professional. We have a nice home in a nice suburb of a large city. We have five kids, all but one are in college or out of the house. My wife was married before and had one kid by it. My stepson was a holy terror. I lost track of how many times I had to visit him in jail. He's married now and has been gone for nine years. TG. My four children are like angels compared to the stepson. Like I said, the older three are in college and the youngest is still at home.

My wife has become the most negative and critical person on the planet. Every day starts with a monologue of things and people she doesn't like. No one escapes her her diatribe. Not me, not our kids, not my parents, no relative, friend, or aquaintence. She doesn't work, although we could use some extra income with three in college. She never has since we've been married. She is always complaining about the lack of money. She is always telling our kids that we are poor and we live in a"crapshack". I try to not let it hurt my feelings, but it often does. We have no friends. People tend to shy away from her. She has a defensive air about her that people can sense, I believe.

The whole thing is getting to me to the point that I am seriously thinking of pulling the plug on this marriage once the last kid is in college. I think she has some serious mental issues, like depression. We have been to counseling once, a long time ago. She didn't like the counselor. I told her to pick the next one. That never happened.

I have been contemplating a move professionally that would triple my income and be a good way to spend the last ten years of my career, and put us in a good position for retirement. It would mean leaving the area and most likely the state. I doubt that my wife will go for this when the time comes. Perhaps this will be the jumping off point that I am looking for. If she decides to come with me, fine. But it means no more mister nice guy on my part. She either gets help, gets happy, or gets gone.

Wives are terrible. Mine is too ! (I am married for 12 years and have two kids as well). Not all the time, but enough to give me headaches. What is worse for me is that she tends to be provocative a lot. She will basically provoke me and push me to the edge, nagging about very little things to the point that I feel I should now hit her, but I never do. I know this would be wrong thing to do. I am a very educated person and I know what I do not have to do as well!<br />
<br />
- It would have been so much better if she had realised that she needs to change a bit. But if I mention this to her, that is she has to change: my God, she will hit the roof and never ever accept it. You have no idea how much I am ALWAYS changing myself, and asking myself what can I do to make things better and implementing little changes (by the way, that's how I came to this site today!), this makes it feel very unfair, because on her side she would never even think of changing or making things better. I must say she was NOT like this always, at the beginning of the marital relationship, it was okay but it has gone worse with time (in her case, becoming more mature with age does not make her better).<br />
<br />
- Another thing I find nightmarish is that she knows very well what my strength is, and she knows very well I can deliver (whatever it is including house works etc), but she will hit me when I am at my weak point: example when I am tired after work. How unfair this makes life feel...<br />
<br />
- They simply do not realise that a man needs a quiet space, needs peace of mind first so that he can recharge himself after a hard day's work. I find it amazing that a woman does not understand something so simple. I am not saying all wives are like this, but many are and mine is just like this. If only they had understood JUST this, it would have made life so much simpler.<br />
<br />
- Another thing is: in the couple I am a lot calmer than my wife. Now you might think I am trying to praise myself but I am not. I swear I know who I am. Even all my colleagues and my bosses at work know for a fact that I am a very calm AND peaceful person. Now add to this, I have two kids. So when my wife starts nagging, I tend to be the one who will appease things. This is because I am naturally the calmer one, and I do not want her to start shouting and screaming and scaring the kids. So what I tend to do is to adopt the win/lose position (She wins, I lose). I know it's not right, but I have to do it at least when the kids are awake and not in bed yet.<br />
<br />
- Perhaps in some sense I am afraid of her, I am embarrassed to say this, but it might be true. She is very much like her father with very very bad character. She would not hesitate A SECOND (read this twice please!) to suddenly disrupt the whole nice atmosphere/environment of the house. She just does not care if she hurts you as long as she says what she wants! This I find particularly hard.<br />
<br />
Anyway, life is really not easy with a wife, I must admit ! People reading this might think if my story is true or not, but I swear I have described all this to the best of my ability, I do not gain anything by not telling the truth here. All I am saying is what I feel. There is a lot more, but there would not be enough space to write all here, it could be the size of a book if I were to say everything !!

Maybe you should just ignore her completely! Come home from work, do your own thing. Talk with your kids, but pretend shes not even there. When she runs off in a tizy, let her. Then when she calms down a bit, if she can, expain to her in your calm way that from now on, if she cannot give you the respect you deserve, you will ignore her. If she wants to act like a brat, treat her like one, as if disciplining a child. I only say this because your story sounds alot like another gentlemans who wrote on here whose wife was very similiar. He decided to try this method of behavioral treatment on her...ignoring her when she was being bitchy. And he said he stuck with it, that is key! But after several weeks , it worked! She stopped treating him like dirt, he stopped ignoring her. Now they are in marriage therapy, but things are looking up.

My marriage is a miserable combination of all of the above. It's because of the power struggle that marriage becomes. The whole penis envy thing was explained very clerly to me, and on many levels, women are out there trying to demonstrate that they don't need men. How convenient it is to do so, once they have married one and attached themselves like leeches to your finances. At the core of the matter, women want security. Then after they have that, they do the praying mantis thing and want to devour their mate. You don't see too many women refusing alimony or contesting 50% of marital assets are theirs (even when they may have contributed NOTHING during the course of the marriage). That's why I got a prenuptual. For all of you men out there that are too scared of hurting your wife-to-be's feelings....let me say this: It was the single most INTELLIGENT thing I ever did. My wife is a deceitful ***** and just the other day when she told me 'how it's gonna be'...I reminded her that I don't need her ****, and that if she wants she can go **** up a rope...take off, hit the road, etc. I will be UNAFFECTED and I can take ALL my money, ALL my posessions, etc....with me, and she can just kiss my *** and make it alone. I made certain in the prenup that she waive the right to alimony. <br />
<br />
Sure I got a river of tears and the old "Don't you trust me" bullshit, but you know what? They have ulterior motives from the very beginning. After all, what does a guy want in life? A job. Peaceful time at home. A beer after work. That's IT. What does a woman need? Every thing that she sees on TV and that her friends are wearing. They are the ones with the extreme need to keep up with the Jones', if you will. Well, gentlemen, for about 300 bucks and some fake tears, you can avoid a nasty divorce settlement and keep the shirt on your back.<br />
<br />
Here's a good one too! When we bought a home, I created a corporation and registered the land and home in the name of the corporation. So if we get a divorce, I have access to the house and land ANY OLD TIME I WANT. She can't even contest it in court.<br />
<br />
Believe me, I can see how much it ****** her off that I had the foresight to think of these things.<br />
<br />
Gentlemen, let's keep the ******* in their place. We men are much more vlunerable due to our committment to work and provide. A woman gets a divorce, and she's back on the barstool in about 2 hours. If she can find someone with money, a marriage is in the works. Guys work much harder than that for basic human respect. And women know this.

You are right in most cases, it is so disgusting how women are in the US, so selfish, not just only with their husbands, but their whole family, but their still good women around, women that know how to appreciate a good husband, that makes them feel loved and teaches them to behave and be a better wife, still there are women that belief in loyalty and that marriage are for life and not just while they feel like it
ONLY and mayor reason marriages don't last any more is because people have the wrong ideas now a days, the minute one does not get their way, the marriage is over, life is not easy, life is not harder than we can figure and we get married we make a commitment for life, but now a days it seems that is long forgotten

Glad you kept your finances well protected, my husband's ex wife ruined him and still hurting him trough the children

I'm a woman but really despite women that can not remain loyal to their husband, and understand that you marry for life, I'm blessed to have a great husband, that will blistered my butt if I ever mention the D word, [although he refuses to spank me, but I know he can, as done it once, just to show me he can, and because I was disrespectful], a husband that loves me, and will not doubt a second to really remind me my marital vows, and my duty to him, and for that I'm grateful for my husband that I love, and if sometimes I disrespect, I deserve all the sore thighs and arms I have earned myself, as he would not mind giving me a long lecture and a very hard couple of smacks
For any women, and men reading this, do not go to marriage if you do not have it clear in your mind to do it for a lifetime, is not fair to each other to marry and then have a divorce, it destroys one of the couple and makes it so hard if there are any children, and you will be hurting your own children by your actions, a marriage is a life process of giving and take, sacrifices and mutual understanding and loyalty to each other, if you thing you can not do this, DO NOT MARRY, till you are ready to accept this responsibility, and in the meantime, do not be so loose in your actions

OMG!!!! APPLAUSE...APPLAUSE....APPLAUSE!!! BRAVO MY MAN ON THE PRENUP!!!! So smart!!! Now, if only they could make that a premaritial LAW!!! There would be so few unhappy couples out there stuck in a marriage that is dead.

All ***** deserved to be killed and let the devil teach them a lessons that they would not forget. We men work hard and never get appreciated for . Woman is the cause of evil , remember adam and eve it was eve who become evil that why god punished us. Aggree with me and the law is always not fair to us. Stay away fro polish ***** they only want money , money.

No proof that Adam &amp; Eve even existed.

Good luck, and hope you all get things worked out with your wives, especially if there are kids involved