My evil wife indeed has TB of Uterus? What To Do

Please read the full story as some new developments have taken place:-
She says she loves me and married me because she liked me and not due to any pressure. She says she has no problem with my parents living together with us as in her own family everyone (her parents, brothers and their wives) all live together. But she has double-standards when it comes to my family.
I married this mentally disturbed woman 20 months back through an arranged marriage. I am from a big city of India. She adopted a hostile attitude towards my mother for no reason and did not mix with the family since day one .My wife is 34 now.
She is selfish (cares pretty much only about her needs and emotions), she has several strong traits of borderline personality disorder - childish/childlike behavior, deflection of all blame, impossible to reason with... the works. she is super-sensitive (without caring about the sensitivities of others).
She is angry most of the times for trivial or no reason and stops eating food for some time. She works in a Private Co. and does not bother to tell me where and how she is spending her salary. I and my Father bear all the expenses of the house.My old mother has to do most of the household work and my wife shamelessly keeps sitting in her room and keeps watching TV and does very little work. My wife does not even bother to speak to my parents or show any respect to them.She does not have dinner with the family on dining table and has it in the bedroom, I of course hv to sit with her. She gets angry even if I have a conversation with my mom in front of her.
She works at a place close to her parents home and she goes to meet them everyday. They also in a way support her for her such behaviour.I am sure she gives a large part of her salary to her parents.

I have been quite calm, loving and caring towards her inspite of her constant rude behaviour towards me and my mom. I have given her a comfortable life with all the modern amenities at home. She is out of home for almost 12 hrs daily and does not bother to tell me even her office address. I have given her expensive jewellery on her birthday and wedding anniversary. Still she barks what hv I done for her.
She had high fever a few months back. Me and my mom took so much care of her. I personally administered her medicines for 3 days, still she says I dont care for her and she continues her hostile tirade against my kind mom.
A few months back I sat in the living room with my parents to watch TV. First she locked the bedroom door and when she finally opened it after lot of knocking she shouted so loudly on me and my mother making all false accusations on us. However I calmed her down some how.
She keeps creating some sort of tension one after the other.

Now lets come to the present, after much persuasion from my side I took her to an infertility clinic as she has not been able to conceive even after 20 months of marriage. After conducting her blood tests it is suspected that she most probably has Tuberculosis of Uterus as she does not hv any visible TB symptoms.
Now the Doctor has suggested Hystero-Laproscopy to check the position of her fallopian tubes, which is quite costly procedure costing about Rs 36,000. I hv already spent Rs 6000 on her tests. So i did get the Hystero-Laproscopy test done which is a kind of mini-surgery. The doctor opened the partial blockage of Fallopian tubes. Doctor has prescribed her medicines which she has to take for nearly 6 months. She is quite upset taking these medicines as they are giving this already mentally unstable woman lot of discomfort in her stomach.

Even though I have spent so much on her health and me and my mom took so much care of her after this mini-surgery, she hardly feels grateful and still picks up small fights again & again. Now she is objecting to my watching Beach location travel programmes (like GetOut on TLC) on TV as she says she cannot stand me looking at scantily clad women on TV.

She herself is in tension, but I am in a bigger tension.
Now she has left for her parents house for 10 days to give her MBA exams and I am still pondering whether it is worthwhile to continue this marriage. I cannot have physical relations with her for atleast 4 months as I might get some infection. Luckily no infection was found in my blood when I had my blood tests conducted a few days back.
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Man, what are you thinking?! DO NOT PROCREATE WITH THIS WOMAN!! You think divorce is a "tedious process" without it's damn near impossible once they enter the picture. Cut your losses and start over. Don't subject any unborn children to your wife's childish behavior. I wish you luck!

I have read your story before. No you should not spend a cent on her. I was in a similiar position. <br />
<br />
My wife worked fulltime would not contribute to the household expenses and made me pay for everything motgage bills etc, in the meanwhile she was spending her money as she felt fit and saving a nice little stash of money which she would bank in her personal account. Just like your wife my wife was also ungrateful, and had it in for my parents for no reason.<br />
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So one day i had enough and stopped supporting her. I stopped buying her expensive gifts, i took away her brand new Mercedes and started driving it myself and made her pay half of everything. Sure enough that changed her attitude.<br />
<br />
You sir should do the same. Seriously what is this when you dont even know where she works? You need to take action and do it now. You have already stated that you cant divorce but you sure as hell can take action to make her respect you. What consequences have you given her for her disgraceful behavour?<br />
<br />
I know where your coming from and hope you follow my advice. Whatever you do dont have a child with this Mental Midget. I have been where you are and wish you the best of luck.<br />
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Stay Strong & Good Luck

You need to go through the tedious process of divorce. Your life sounds miserable with this woman! Behaving responsibly doesn't just happen after having a baby!

Why, in God's name would you want this woman to mother your children?

Because I have no other option, Divorce is a tedious near impossible process, only way is to start a family so that she may develop some attachment and start behaving responsibly.

In this age of technology you are far behind. Once she go to her parents home install cameras and record all the things she does to you and your parents.
That would be a proof for you to get a divorce easily.
And do not think of children with this idiotic women. You gonna screw yourself.
Best of luck!

I wouldn't bet on this. A tiger doesn't change his stripes.