Cant Be Trusted

She pursued me relentlessly, was married to successful man,
Had put her in business and wanted to control her, I was
A musician 40s, divorced and a daughter, enjoying my
Gigs and having a good time all the time.
I was invited to come to a dinner she had made at her friends
She came to the door in blue see thru knickers and nothing else,
Her **** were insane, and we fd long and hard in the lounge .
I was just about to do a national tour with judas priest , and
Didn't see her fur a week, but she met me at the airport , we had a very highly charged
Sex life, she $, took me to nice holidays, daintree, Byron bay etc
All magic stuff!
We moved in together , soon the business ofmy band was
Bothering her, she had great ideas, but it wasnt my band to begin with abd the guys were threatened
Any way I left , she was pregnant , we moved to the beautiful central coast
Our son was born and bought a house.
She was a great pillar of strength at this time, I got a railway job , still do it
She was making good dough life was great .
Her mother was a problem, a lifeless mouth breathing flat liner , who expects a man to buckle down and shovel ****
Hates me feelings recipricated!loved her dad great hard worker , been having an affair 15 yrs
Unbeknownst to theMbfl wife
Anyway, he died 55 yrs when my daughter was born , partner was devastated
As he was her rock, over the next 4 yrs she drank continuously ,
I'd come home from night shift and find wine, jack Daniels etc and this went on and on we didn't root for a whole
Year as she went through thus ****, I never tried to threaten or give ultimatums insted offered love and support , but
Was becoming resentful after 2 yrs if it, she maintained her business
And looked good despite this insanity focus mother etc!
I was starting to shut off goin surfing and playing with kids etc( lost my licence for 18 months DUI ) idiot
She got on the Facebook hooked up with a school friend who's life
Was in the doldrums he was a fisherman , shooter type dude ! She went on an outback safari and they fished, ****** and fired at wild pigs all fn week
This was 1 yr ago, she told me when she got back about the fucckinh
Hurt like hell!
Now I'm still here, she lives to sit on the porch cupola bottles of wine, smoking 1 cigarette after another
Telling me about plans to get a farm, having the big fella( fisherman) as manager and the kids learning to be self sufficient
I bring up the subject of us , our dire sex life, am told. We don't fight you have all you need all this fuss over fn sex u men are pathetic etc
Trying to make me feel insignificant ( true cuntal behavior )
We've had three goes at sex usually after 3 bottles of wine and I can't ******.
We went to a hotel fur a dirty weekend and I had ED just thinking about her ******* that guy!
Anyway I. Have to make a move. No man would put up with this crap, the fisherman is still in her life, his dig and car are at my house,
He has gone in a hunting trip for 6 wks, she tells me they're friends, he's 150kilo he'd gave to lift his gut to see the head of his ****! I told her to leave and be with him, but she doesn't want Him to be the man around the house
He's a pensioner! I'm ******* sick of it 1 yr I want to make the right decision, nit sell the house as we've agreed the kids get it
I do busking and surf so h have outlets, but no affection or love kills a man! Thank you all
Schenker Schenker
51-55, M
2 Responses May 30, 2012

Life is so short, don't waste it being unhappy. I hope you get happy soon.

Brother Schenker fancy finding you here. Now have you taken up any of the advice offered in the other group you belong too. I live in a sexless marriage.<br />
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I know you responded to my advice about totalling up her bill and presenting it to her. You did acknowledge that i had some valid points however you didn't believe an eye for an eye.<br />
<br />
Well after reading this more in depth detail about your partner she is a real ****, and would seriously reconsider your stance regarding totalling up her account.<br />
<br />
Man i'm not trying to be harsh, i feel sorry for you. You are right i cant believe you have actually tolerated this behavour.<br />
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Seriously if she wont cut him loose its time you cut her loose. Send her packing to the fat **** and let his pensioned *** deal with her.<br />
<br />
Stay Strong & Good Luck