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My Wife Is A Lazy Slob

I have worked hard in life to be able to support my wife and children. She is a stay-home mother and we both like the idea of her being home to raise the family. The problem is she is a fat *** lazy slob. Everything she does is hal-assed if at all.

The house is always messy, the food she prepares is awful and often heated up improperly. The laundry is not well done and often wrinkled in addition to being dirty.

She complains about how hard she works but it isn't true. My 75 year old mother will come stay with us and she will help out and (or rather take over the houseld) and the place is spotless. Why can't my pig of a wife make more of an effort.

While she makes herself avaiable for sexs anytime I want her she puts no effort into the experience, She regulkarly wears ill-fitting, stained sweatpants and her breath makes me sick.

I would love to leave her but I love my kids more than anything else. I am countaing down the days until my children go off to college so I can leave this fat *** pig.
Dman964 Dman964 46-50, M 2 Responses Jun 11, 2012

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Damage her? I couldn't possibly do that. She never takes ownership of anything in her life. Every problem she has an excuse. Every lazy moment is an excuse. I have begged her to end our relationship peacefully she refuses that and refuses to even attempt to improve herself. I won't put my kids through a bitter ugly divorce so I will live with this cow until my littlest one goes off to college.

Wow, it's sad when I read these type of post here I get it your wife is lazy and your unhappy about it but literally as I read all this I don't feel sorry for you I mean the way you call her a pig and disrespect her in that way it's just disgusting.. I mean I'm not trying to diss your story because its about your situation but in all reality it's just makes me feel bad for your wife. I really do hope you talk to her with respect because a comment like that can really cause permant damage to her mentally..