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My Wife Is A Lazy Slob

I have worked hard in life to be able to support my wife and children. She is a stay-home mother and we both like the idea of her being home to raise the family. The problem is she is a fat *** lazy slob. Everything she does is hal-assed if at all.

The house is always messy, the food she prepares is awful and often heated up improperly. The laundry is not well done and often wrinkled in addition to being dirty.

She complains about how hard she works but it isn't true. My 75 year old mother will come stay with us and she will help out and (or rather take over the houseld) and the place is spotless. Why can't my pig of a wife make more of an effort.

While she makes herself avaiable for sexs anytime I want her she puts no effort into the experience, She regulkarly wears ill-fitting, stained sweatpants and her breath makes me sick.

I would love to leave her but I love my kids more than anything else. I am countaing down the days until my children go off to college so I can leave this fat *** pig.
Dman964 Dman964 46-50, M 20 Responses Jun 11, 2012

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Women haves an evil nature

My wife is the same is all your guyes wife's . these shity women are no good for any thing because thay don't have a good hart thay cud be secret dykes for behaving this way but knowing them they are never wrong for nothingwomen are never wrong especially when they don't take care of their house the kids probably lying these women don't know God there are ungodly ungutliy sults these women make their self heads and not to tell that are the boss because their mother was strict and I couldn't have the freedom to do whatever they wanted to so I guess they are living their dream today living the way they want to the little they know this is abomination disgusting ungodly the way they live f you remember Adam and Eve Eve ate the apple Adam wasn't deceived god made man over the women and in between gave men envy and desire as a curse

Genesis Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”

2 The woman said to the serpent, “We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, 3 but God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.’”

4 “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. 5 “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

6 When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. 7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.

8 Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden. 9 But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?”

10 He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”

11 And he said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from

Sorry for bumping this thread more than a year later, but yeah. My girlfriend is a fat, painfully stupid and lazy pig.<br />
<br />
She is a preschool teacher, and as such, works approximately 6 hours per day, with summers off and paid. She sits at home after work and starts stuffing her face immediately with high calorie food and guzzles diet soda by the gallon. She doesn't do hers, or any dishes whatsoever, and even leaves her dirty plates out in the living room of our home, presumably for me to clean up later. She is incapable of taking care of her cat, which she absolutely adores, often neglecting to feed it, has never bathed it, and more often than not, allows feline fecal matter to build up in the litter box for literally months on end, to the point where I'm now (literally, right now) sleeping in the living room to avoid the horrible smell. She has never taken out the garbage one time, she allows garbage to pile up in all of our trash cans, and her car is pretty much rolling dumpster.<br />
<br />
Did I mention that she's gained 80 pounds since I met her?<br />
<br />
How about that she shaves her legs maybe once a month, and when she does, its a really sloppy attempt?<br />
<br />
Oh, and naturally, if I ever bring up how she might, you know, remove the miniature mountains of FECES from our home, I get the "YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD I WORK" routine. I'm the bad guy who would never understand how difficult it is to teach little kids the alphabet for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, 9 months a year.<br />
<br />
This is a person who I LOVED. Who I drove to and from school every day. Who's rent I paid for 2 years. And I get repaid with absolutely zero help maintaining a clean home, an embarrassingly fat ***, hairy legs, cellulite, and more than enough verbal bullshit. <br />
<br />
I really hate her, and am just going to get up and move one day soon. Thank God we didn't have children or get married.

Although this post is almost a year old, I have to say it really hits home. My wife used to work and when she did I did not mind and often busted my behind to help out. Now she has become a disgusting slob as far as house work and refuses to really work. I punish (sadly to say) through suspending her cell phone, cable TV, etc. She is a horrible house wife and horrible mother. I am not saying I am perfect but come on!
An old saying of sorts is, Fifty or sixty years ago men could work or go to jail, women stayed home with the kids.
Now-A-Days women can work, stay at home, do pretty much what they want; men can work or go to jail. Hell no wonder men die before women, it's an escape, and where is our equality?

Exactly there is no equality. I want to throw up when I hear her tell me about how hard she worked today and I see the same unfolded laundry in the same pile for the fourth consecutive day. My "personal-cross-to-bear" does NOTHING all day, except of course spend money on clothes she hides in the closet and then gets too fat to wear.

My mom was a stay at home mom and worked tirelessly without a single complaint. The house was always clean, she would get angry if we left the house in dirty or wrinkled clothes. Dinner was always ready when my father came home. Fatso just has excuses.

Exactly! We have all bought into the lie about women having it so hard. A few months ago my wife had to take care of some business with her family and I stayed home with the kids for a few days and took over all the household responsibilities. The place looked better than it ever did with all the laundry washed and put away, clean dishes, good meals for the kids and plenty of groceries in the house. Even doing everything, including big projects she neglected (scrubbing the floors ect.) I still had plenty of time for myself.

I was just stumbling around to vent and ran into this. Have to agree with the sentiment. The woman that calls herself my wife does NO housework. Really... none. Cooks perhaps once every 2-3 months unless it's heating up something for herself. I work from 1PM to 1AM 5 days, and have to admit that I'm pretty tired and stressed on my day off. Yet, I spend it cleaning a mountain of dishes and spraying roach spray in the kitchen. What's funny is, I just voiced my displeasure with the state of the house (while I was cleaning it), and did not even mention or condemn her. Only commenting (not yelling) on it's state of despair... she got faux-mad, told me to get off her back, to stop complaining, then took off out the door to "get some air". Holy, moly. Married 17 years... and now that I'm in my late 30s, I'm thinking it may be time to move on and have what's left of my life. I put up with too many years of her infidelity and pigginess to only die this way. She's not going to change.

If you don't have kids that is the best thing to do. I wish I had. It only gets worse and worse.

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you are a ******* ****. i hope she leaves you you misogynistic *****

Obviously you are are an inarticulate moron who can follow along, i hope she leaves me too.

oh, and i forgot to add, we are moving in together, and getting married. we're moving sometime in march/april, after we find a small house for my daughter, him, and me. and it'll be clean, because even before him, a dirty home disgusts me.

I loved your reply, you completely get it. Your b/f is smart to lock you up while he has a chance.

I don't even mind her putting on the weight i like curvy women and I certainly don't mind a little cushion I just would love for her to put some effort into this.

You are so right about so many women feeling entitled today. I've said to he that I would change rolls with her in a minute if being a housewife was too much work for her. She could go to work and I would watch the kids and take care of the house. I don't even care about the money we'd give it. I just hate coming home to this mess.

It's funny that you mention the kids not helping; I definately think the kids should help out but she has to be the leader of the house and not just tell them: "clean your room" and expect it to be done perfectly. She still need to check on them and let them know when they haven't done it correctly or if they have done it half-heartedlly. Her excuse lately has been..."I told them to do it but they ignored me...." please.

You sound wonderful and I your guy is very smart and lucky.

thank you :) a lot of the issues with his ex, is that the kids followed her lazy example. she'd cry about him being a mean bully to herself and the kids. she was screwed up at a young age (her mom died) and even her family on her dad's side dont have much if anything to do with her. but, her father totally gets along well with my guy. All that aside, though, the kids figure, if she's lazy, it's ok if they do it too. my neighbor's kid is a little pig. 9 yrs old, and she has toys in the living room from weeks ago. her mother will say *i'd like for you to pick up your mess*, all calm like she's asking s stranger what time it is. um, no, put your foot down, your kid runs you. the child is rude to me in my own home. thats why i dont like visiting her anymore. mom has some emotional/mental issues which i totally feel for her, but i think now she just uses that as an excuse to put off or not be bothered by anything, period. she treated her last boyfriend like krap, and, while i think he was far from perfect, she knew how he was before they got involved. he actually went out and bought her expensive cosmetics (Estee Lauder, or MAC, maybe?). this chick barely showers daily. i sometimes do twice, ditto for my daughter. i cant stand dirty, or lazy. my best friend from childhood, his parents had a playroom for him and his little brother. that playroom was ALWAYS cleaned up by them every day. the rest of their junk was either in the backyard, basement, or sometimes a game was allowed in theliving room (we'd play WAR or Operation). both parents worked, one for Packard and one for GM, drove nice cars, went on family vacations, and their kids grew up with spanking and discipline. they have turned out great, especially the older one (he was really my friend, with the lil brother around) who has a great job and a great girlfriend, and 2 great kids (with a questionable ex wife). now im starting to get on the *lazy kid * bandwagon. i dont care for kids as a rule. my own nieces and nephews know not to behave a certain way in front of me. this kid comes over a lot, and often times will disrespect me. i got to the point now, i just send her home. and her tears really work on her mom. i dont care if she's mad that her kid got told, she knows her kid is a brat. this child got the type of gifts rich children are used to, and this kid isnt rich. thats the problem. everything name-brand, expensive, doesnt even carry her cereal bowl to the sink. why should she change her behavior? shes got it made.

You are 100% correct and I refuse to allow my children to be lazy and worse yet disrespectful. The less you expect from a child the less you will receive.

Here is another example of how much of a lazy pig my fat wife is. We took a vacation between Christmas and New Years Day, we got back home early on Tuesday. I personally cleaned the house from top-to-bottom before we left on 12/26 while she went with the kids to visit her mother. Here it is Thursday and not a single suitcase has been unpacked. The kids rooms are a disaster with new toy packaging all over the place, we had pizza for dinner last night and of course she didn't have a chance to take a shower. I wish she would have an affair. If she did she might actually clean herself up and wear attractive clothing. If he had sex with her in our house at least she might be somewhat inspired to clean the place up. I can't stand this slob.

I absolutely feel bad for you, but still smiled. with women's lib (and that is not altogether a bad thing), women feel they are somehow owed much more than even they believe they are worth. one of my best friends, who i will not mention by name, is bi, mainly leaning towards women. she is ALL about women thriving and not going back to the 1950s, but, she is a FIRM believer in *whoever makes less $$$, and has more time, does the bulk of the housework*. my guy, well, he is at the end of his relationship (and, this was over WAY before he met me). he has a decent job, where he's the boss. not as good as yours, obviously, but, still good enough that i dont have to work, and he has said that will be completely up to me. right now, i do not work, but, that should change soon. I have obligations that prevent me from working as much as id like. they involve my only child. But, while i am not working, i clean. a lot. my garbage is taken out about 5 times a day (i hate trash inside the home, and take out small plastic shopping bags all day with small amounts of trash in them, trash is gross. my bathroom and kitchen floors are scrubbed about 2-3 times per week. once a week if im being SUPER lazy. i vacuum about once a week (my home isnt high traffic, and there are no small children, and we are non-smokers). i like to cook, and do it pretty well. it only takes me about 20 minutes every day to keep a 2-bedroom apartment quite clean. im not sure how big your home is, but, if there are 12 rooms in this home, i would think 1 hour each day EVERY day of cleaning would keep up on this place. and the kitchens and bathrooms are the main areas. now, if it is a super-huge home, i could see where you might need to hire housekeepers. some homes are ginormous. but, she cld at LEAST wear some nice clothes (you guys have $$$, they can be comfy clothes, but nice) and cook a decent meal, and throw on some makeup. on days i am with my guy, i ALWAYS shower and throw on makeup before we set foot out of my home. now i totally cant relate to having a couple of kids in the household, so i SUPPOSE some time is involved with them, and hopefully because they are rich kids, they arent the type of kids who think they are above lifting a finger to make their own bed or pour their own glass of milk. especially since the wife is lazy. also, why isnt she working out? granted, not every woman needs to be a size 2, but, she has the means to do this. im sure you probably even have some sort of exercise equipment in your home.
but, anyway, i mention his ex because, she and his 2 stepdaughters never picked up after themselves. ive seen pictures of their office/computer room, where her dog (not his dog, and she was too lazy to take the dog for walks) actually pulled a used sanitary napkin out of the bathroom trash, and carried it in there in his mouth. she left it there. the toilet had that light-brown staining toilets get when theyre not cleaned on a regular basis. dishes were never done, she rarely cooked, not even frozen pizza and salad. she called him a bully when he called her on her krap. everything was all about him being *mean*. and, like your spouse, his ex showered whenever, and was a lazy slob. there are 2 things men like :s*x and food. is it REALLY a big deal to make some good food and smell nice? even when im bumming around in sweats, i STILL shower.he put up with it, because even tho her kids are biologically somebody else's, to them, they are HIS kids. he had finally had enough when they got older, he probably has moments where he thinks he is gonna faint when i make steak salads right after jumping out of the shower. this is about respect and doing your share. if the tables were turned, let me tell you, NO woman would be putting up with a man being a fat lazy jackazz , unless she were settling.
anyway, this was more about me than you, sir. sorry, but, i figured you could appreciate knowing there are other women out there pulling the same stunts.

she does not do much housework, won't get a job and she gets your money.
If you divorce her,
she still wont have to work, won't have to do housework, kids will be in college, and she will get even more or your money.
sounds like she knows what she is doing.
Hope you don't live in Florida, Alimony will be a jackpot for her.

No far worse I live in Massachusetts which might be the worst state in the union for men post-divorce. I think when the kids leave home for college I will make the move regardless of the finances. This fat pig makes me angry from the moment I walk in the door at night. She wonders why I am not interested in her sexually. Lets see mess house with stained sheets (unless of course I change them) her wearing sweat pants over her ever increasing fat ***, clothes strewn all over the bedroom, its amazing I am not walking around with a hardon all day thinking about what awaits me in the bed at night. A fat pig, messy, house and bad breath. ugh

She's too lazy for that.

She's too lazy for that.

maybe you should try disciplining her . she might like her *** smacked hard , also buy her newer sexy clothes and make sure she wears them , make her brush and use mouth wash . take her out and have her wear sexy clothes , compliment her also , if this doesn't work tell her your going to give her to anyone who wants her for nothing .

It blows my mind. Mine isnt fat but sits around all day and ******* at me for what I am not doing or not buying her and after coming home from a long day at work to laundry, dirty dishes she frantically screams "our daughter just pooed and I need yur help to changing her!" meanwhile while when im on a day off I manage to keep the house clean and feed, clean and bathe our daughter with no issues.

Your last line really hit the nail on the head too Mike. When i am home watching the kids I do EVERYTHING she is SUPPOSED to do and I am not killing myself to do it. When my mother will come up to visit or watch the kids if I take her on one of business trips the house is spotless. My 70 year old mother make our pig-sty house into a home I can be proud of. I hate this slob more every day.

I've told her that 100x already. I told her she could have everything just leave me with the kids and my income but she has no interest. I despise every minute I am with this pig. I never thought I would ever grow to hate have sex but even that disgusts me now.

Amen. I pray mine will leave too. The fact that she watches Netflix all day doesn't bother me, since frankly, I don't have the slightest interest what she's doing. But she teaches my kids to lie around and learn how to be a worthless consumer sponging off good fortune. She thinks she's rich: no worries about the A/C on with the door open, throws away food (prepared food that is, packaged and sold at the supermarket.)<br />
<br />
If she ever threatens to leave, offer whatever she wants and get it in writing!

If your in the top 3% how about hiring a maid ? And a personal trainer ( a hot male one for your wife she may become inspired )

I would hire a full-time housekeeper. We have a woman who comes in once a week already and I suggested that she at least get a part-time job and we would hire one full-time but she won't do it. She gets defensive and telle me I don't know how hard she works. (Which is of course a non sequiter but logic doesn't bother her. ) I don't want to enable this pig anymore.
She has already has a personal trainer, I wouldn't give a damn if he was banging her I hate her so much I PRAY she would leave me.

reading **** like this makes me so freakin mad, cuz i would love to have the opportunity to rase a family at home (thats not ever gonna happen for a lesbian)! omg, its not even hard to freakin take care of a house hold. Some of my gf and I have somewhat had a lifestyle like this but i go to work come home, do most of the cleaning, romance, and still keep myself up and help with the kids. its like she aint even gotta work and she cant even do everything i was doing while i was working. even if my gf dont have kids i still keep the house up and take care of the tedious things so my babe can relax. why is that so hard cuz it seem to me if u care about someone u would want to do these things and do them the best way u could.

You will make someone very happy! It's just bullshit but its my own fault for allowing it to get to this point. She is a lazy pig.

I agree about what the benefits of your wife staying at home should be. But what have you done in response to your wifes laziness, and lack of hygene? Have you offered up any consequences for her behavour? Or have you just let it slide?<br />
<br />
I suggest you cut her off finacially and let it be known that she is cut off until she keeps a clean house, looks after her apperance, and stops bitchin..g about how hard she works.<br />
<br />
My stay at home wife tried this shi..t as well. I soon set her straight. I told her don't ***** to me about how hard you work. You have 6 hours to yourself when the kids are at school, access to my money through a joint bank account drive a nice car, hang out with your friends and you want to bitc..h about some housework. Don't ***** to me i said.<br />
<br />
I suggest you tell her the same and start offering up some consequences if she wont change.<br />
<br />
Stay Strong & Good Luck

You bring up another complaint I have with the pig, she is very quick with spending the money too, I do well financially in fact I like to point out to her that my salary is in the top 3% of the nation and ask her what she does that is better than 97% of the housewives out there.
The problem is I have been the "good modern husband" so cutting her off financially is difficult from on operational prospective. She is joint on all bank and credit cards so when I try to reign her in financially she just goes to the ATM or charges on one of the 6 credit cards she has and I am left with no alternative other than to pay the bill or ruin my own credit. I guess I could get drastic and start cutting her off the bank and credit cards but that seems almost like an act of war and I have a feeling that would come back to haunt me if we end up in divorce court. Also I need to give her money to run the house, kids to feed ect so she would (and does) use that money for herself and my choices become to punish my kids while teaching her a lesson (something I have been unwilling and unlikely to do) or give her more money. Thanks for your suggestion though. I love the creativity.

I know I'm probably out of my element here, as a woman, I apologize for all of us fat lazy slobs. Can you tell her how horrible she is at everything? Can you tell her how worthless you think she is? Just seething silently about it won't make her change. You need to tell her what she has done wrong in order for her to be able to change it. My one pet peeve as a worthless woman, is that the man in my life won't tell me what makes me worthless, he just silently seethes anger and hatred. Like I'm supposed to guess why he hates me.

Thank you for your response, I have told her repeatedly why I am angry and it just doesn't matter. She claims she works hard all day and "you couldn't tell by looking at the place" she blames it on the kids but when my mother visited the place was clean all the time. It is the same wrinkled laundry, same dirty dishes. She is lazy and won't own up to it. She also looks like a slob with soiled clothing and uncombed hair. The benefits of having your wife stay home should be a clean house, decent dinner on the table when you get home and she should look at least decent.

Truthfully I don't even care about the weight, I like a little extra cushion.