I Have Now Found Out Why Some Guys Never Get Married!

It was a story right out of one of those stupid fairytale books. I met her my senior year in college, we got married a year and a half later. If I knew Doc Brown, I would go back into the past and punch myself in the sack right before I kneeled down to give her that ring. 8 years of marriage later, she wants a divorce for...... wait for it.......... no, not because I cheated on her (never did), not because I beat her (never laid a hand on her), and not because I'm addicted to anything (nope)! SHE IS JUST NOT HAPPY.
Not happy? Try being married to you for as long as I have. I should get a medal!
Now she is going around acting like she is 18 again. Yes I am still living with her because she won't leave my house! Waiting for her divorce to get through, then I don't have to listen to Lady Gaga, LMFAO, other crappy bands, hear her bitching, or deal with any of this crap. One thing I have learned, women can be crazy, you will see me post-divorce living in peaceful and wonderful solitude for the rest of my life. That is right, I am 32 and I will be living the rest of my life woman free.
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Wow, sorry that you rather be in solitude but I dont blame you

I am with you man! My wife left me for someone else because she wasn't "happy" but looking back she never was. Nothing I did made her happy. Angers me that she tore apart our family (i have kids also) for her own selfish reasons. 9 years down the drain on everything we built together. I find it hard to trust anyone now and constantly wonder what the hidden agenda is. Sucks being a nice guy who's greatest accomplishment in life was his family and then having that torn down in a bl<x>ink of an eye.

Dude, totally with you on this. My wife refuses any responsibility or acceptance of consequences for her actions. She only thinks of herself. She just recently tried to leave me because she was unhappy and the relationship was boring....they need to grow up. We can't entertain them. Life is boring at times....what can another partner do that we haven't?

32, welcome to the prime of you life. Perfect age to be single my friend. She'll be washed up before you know it.

Dude, she was probably like that the whole time you were dating her. Hindsight is 20/20.

give her want she want it's clear that she is not mature enough to handle responsibility or a marriage for that matter. let the child be a child.

Sorry to hear that you are one of the good men out there and she is not happy well. I wish the man that I love would atleast propse to me we have been together for five years and nothing yet.well just enjoy urself when single u will find someone that wants to be happy with u.