I've Had Enough

I've been married 15 years to a woman that can be very nice but she has zero respect for me and I don't think she ever will. For the last several weeks she has been comparing me with this friend of ours that is the husband of one of her best friends. His name is Ed and her name is Vicki. She says things like, "You'll never be half the man Ed is". Sunday she was on the phone to him and I heard her tell him she loved him. I asked her not to ever say that to him again and she told me "I can't do that". I've been living in our RV ever since. I did go in the house today and told my wife and my housekeeper how I didn't like her saying that at all and they both thought it was funny. Even after I told them I was serious they thought it was hilarious. So I guess that is the end of that.
My wife has a rare case of muscular dystrophy and I've pretty much cared for her for the last 15 years. I would think that a lot of handicapped women would like to have a husband like me. The more I think about all the stuff that has gone on over the years the more I can't stand her. I should have left her years ago. Marrying her was the biggest mistake of my life and at 58 it is a little late to start over.
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I am a woman and am looking at starting over at 51... You are not to old to find contentment. My husband is going through something...wants out...no reason. I have given up my nursing career to follow him all over the world for his job and to raise our two children...now living in europe and he wants me and the kids to go back to the states. So please have hope, I pray I meet a man without any drama that I can make smile...I hope the same for you.

First off, you need to fire your stupid *** housekeeper. She is your employee. <br />
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Secondly, tell your wife to go for Ed then. You've supported her while she has suffered with muscular dystrophy and you cared for her for 15 years. Ed wouldn't have done that. <br />
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YOU ARE THE MAN!! You did a lot, more than lots of people would have done. Tell you wife to show some respect or you're out, and don't make it an empty threat

Well I haven't seen her since Sunday so I guess things are finally happening. She is gone, didn't take her medicine, her clothes, her CPAP unit. I haven't heard a word.

How about you show some respect for youself and stop supporting your wife's as.s, finacially emotionally whatever. <br />
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As for the housekeeper if i were you i'd find a new one. Find your balls brother. I'm not having a go at you i'm on your side.<br />
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Stay Strong & Good Luck

I have a longer version of this story over on "I'm in a troubled marriage" it is titled "My Wife does not Respect Me."

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