I Dont Like My Wife After What She Done To Me

About 4 yers ago I went onto facebook and I was in a chat room, and I was seeing who ws online and there was a female who I got talking to, we exchanged numbers on that same day and got texting. We had some laughs on there and txting, anyway a long story short, my wifes dad came up from Somerset to Norfolk, my home county, and I moved down to Somerset, we went on severel dates, moved in together severel times, and I moved to my current location and I asked her to marriy me on valintines day when i moved down, and got married last year she moved in with me, we had s few arguments but what coulpes dont? lol, she came on here and meet a new guy we aint been married for a year then she continued with this guy, its beeing going on for bout 4 months now and she has now moved in with him, his a grandad his 50 years old and my wife is 19 this year and im 28, we have now been split up for bout 3 mayb 4 months now and Im looking for that female company who has been down the same road as me, also she has lied to me bout the wedding ring and her engagment ring i brought her and she lied to me that apperatley i attacked her in my sleep if i did, I DIDNT attack her in my sleep, i would off been arested on the same day she got attmited to hopital, she wants a devorce and now im thinking of getting a devorce aswell. I am looking for a female so i can become friands with
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It's definitely an age thing. The situation sounds hopeless. Forget about her and move on. Find someone that wants the same things in life as you. You sound ready for a serious committment. 19 year olds are usually not ready for committment and still trying to figure out who they are. The most important thing is not to take your relationship failure personally. It just wasn't meant to be so move on with a positive attitude in finding new love. Good luck. :)

Yeah...this guy is a retarded child molester.

you've made a series of bad calls, first would be starting dating a 15 year old while you were 26. Let her leave you and do some self reflecting and get yourself in order. She isn't the problem.

i was 24 and she was 16 when we first meet

Wow. First off learn how to spell. Second off quit it with the little girls. That's a true pig. Grow up that's gross

so many views and only this comment :-(