Is This The Beginning Of The End Of Our Marriage?

Please refer to my earlier story"My evil wife indeed has TB of Uterus? What To Do"
So i did get the Hystero-Laproscopy test done which is a kind of mini-surgery.
My wife indeed has TB of Uterus. The doctor opened the partial blockage of Fallopian tubes. Doctor has prescribed her medicines which she has to take for nearly 6 months. She is quite upset taking these medicines as they are giving this already mentally unstable woman lot of discomfort in her stomach.
Doctor has advised us to refrain from having any physical relations for at least 3 months as I may contact the TB infection. I did get my blood tests done in which very negligible infection was found. I have been lucky to hv not got infected.

Now lets come to the present. She left for her parents home on June 20 for 10 days to give her MBA exams as her parents home is near the examination venue.
She did not call me for first 3 days after leaving. Frustrated I called her up the 4th day and reprimanded her for her irresponsible behaviour. She said she is not feeling well thats why she is not able to call me. Now let me tell u that she has the energy to attend 2 marriage parties, but no energy to give me a call. Then she called me up the next day in my office, as I was busy I told her to call after some time. Since that day she has not called me. I was supposed to pick her up from her parents home on July 1, but as she is not maintaining any contact with me, I dint go to pick her up.
Now what to do with this wife with such high-handed attitude.
Is this the beginning of the end of our marriage?
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I say let her wait so she gets the message that you are fed up with her antics and wont tolerate it anymore. Than hopefully she will change.

I have asked her to wait till Sunday, I gave her a solid verbal thrashing on phone, she began crying, but was her usual self after a few minutes. She is quite thick skinned and clever. Its going to be a tough job managing life with this clever wicked woman.

I wish you luck. I can honestly tell you that the only way to deal with a difficult wife is to put the foot down.

I did this successfully. Read some of my stories here if you like. I posted on I ilive in a Sexless Marriage.

The trick here is not how much you scream at them that raely works its actions.

Your actions will speak 1000 words. Once they reealise that you will not tolerate their foul behavour you will see change.

Bro, thanks for your kind comments, but as I told u my wife is quite thick-skinned. She shows some improvement in her behaviour but is back to square one again. This has happened many times and she tries to argue senselessly. Lets see what happens. I pray to God that either she mends her ways or she leaves me on her own.

What to do. Brother you are saved. Leave her at her parents change the locks and forget about her. Than thank your lucky stars you are rid of her.<br />
<br />
Stay Strong & Good Luck

Bro, I am not so lucky she called me just now. I am in a mess anyways. I cannot relax until either I divorce her or things get back to normal with her. Both things look difficult, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Now I am wondering whether I should go immediately to pick her up or let her wait for some more days at her parents house.