This Sh!t Is For The Birds

Been married for about 15 years now. She had two kids which was cool. I had one from a previous relationship. Man, I tell she has sucked the life out of me literally. I used to outgoing good personality. She bitched about me having friends. I would tell her about my day at work and she would say stuff like "you at work having a good time". And I'm like WTF, a guy can't talk to his friends at work. So I stopped telling her about my day and eventually stopped socializing at work. Sex if no longer, so I have gotten to the point where I fantasize about me past girlfriends. Sex with a couple of them was great. But that was all there was to it...just sex. I married my wife because I loved her. The thrill is gone. She has maxed all of the credit cards so hopefully we will have no emergencies in the near future. I am not perfect but she constantly complains leading me just to ignore her or pretend that I am listening to her. I swear there is an different sickness or illness or something hurting her everyday. The funny thing is whenever I get paid, she never seems to complain about being sick. I just bought a house and it seems there is no turning back now. But I really want out, advice please.
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tell her to get a job or get out and take her kids with her<br />
do it when the kids are NOT around<br />
tell her, she has 2 weeks to find a job<br />
and that money is what pays any credit card that she used <br />
to buy clothes or whatever for HER kids<br />
and if there is any charge for YOUR kid on it you will need to see the bill<br />
and you will pay it<br />
tell her.. NOW..<br />
bet after a month of working, she will be happier<br />
or she will have enough money to leave you for good<br />
and you get to keep the house!

Damn, I thought I was the only one. My wife is EXACTLY the same way!!! Earlier this week I gave her some money, but now she got her check and is a total *****!!! Happens every time when it's check day!!! Yet, I'm suppose to owe her something? If there is any way u can get out....DO IT!!!! Life is too short!!!!!

Brother<br />
I have been in the same relationship for 1000 years. Right out of high school and if you think it is bad now, wait until she has a change of life. It is like saying , honey , is the sun orange or red and she will swear to it being black. You can either start reading the bible and practice celibacy or start going to the gym. I suggest you go to the gym and take up aerobics, or in my case, backpacking long distance with very little food or clothing as being lost in the woods is a lot more satisfying than being in a bad relationship. I took up road bike, mountain bike and soon, I am going on a road trip and I might not be coming home.<br />
God bless

How do ppl do that, get involved young and stay, stay, stay together? I ask because my son just used up his twenties, with one sociopathic unfriendly-to-me girl. I only knew like 3 couples who met in HS and stayed together all of this time. It's amazing how one relationship can be so all consuming, years wise, when ppl are young. Just worries me. At some point, doesn't someone wonder what they missed? As in dating others and learning more? I guess he is happy tho, for now. I get emotionally beaten up by her, and sometimes by him -- she is a bad influence on him that way.

Do what i did. Put your footdown man up and show some balls. Stop supporting her as..s finacially, emotionally whatever. <br />
<br />
Read my posts on how i handled my wifezilla with succesful results.<br />
<br />
Stay Strong & Good Luck