Totally Unmotivated & Self-centered

Her default is to sit in front of the computer all day surfing the Internet while I work out of my home office. Absoultely nothing gets done around the house. If it does, it's only after it turns in to a collosal mess.

She's fat. She buys every book that comes out about weight loss and nutrition but never reads them. She contstantly talks about exercising, but never does. I usually end up going off on my own and doing active things because it's near impossible to motivate her to join me. Even when she does, within five minutes she finds a way to tweak her ankle or have a panic attack.

She cannot hold down a job to save her life. She's worked about 6 jobs in the past year, and only about 45 days total. You do the math.

She wants to have children, but I can't see it happening. She doesn't have a bone in her body that's capable of paying attention to anyone's needs but her own. We have pets right now, and they could be ******** in her lap and she wouldn't get the clue that they needed to go out to use the bathroom.

I'm sick of this.

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7 Responses Jun 13, 2008

I really understand your situation. Of course, a divorce is a solution that will end all this, BUT it can make will life worse in other ways. As you said, she's self-centered, so I do not expect she'll let go the divorce that easy, at least she'll try to get every penny she can get.<br />
I would say, since if you're thinking of divorce already, it might be a good step to confront her, be FIRM, CLEAR, SPECIFIC.<br />
Choose a good time, get her a present first, invite her to dinner outside, and then try to point out the things that you don't like about "your life" (about her), tell her that if things keep on this way, you would not be able to "fit in her world", and that you'll develop depression.<br />
Hope this helps,<br />
I'll come back to see if you have any updates. Let us know, share what you feel.

I agree with sicko, get a divorce, next time find a woman that has a good job, has goals, selfmotivated, ...etc

she is sick. RUn for ur life.

what can I say but leave....if your not happy then just go....she can't make you feel bad unless you allow her to so make the move now before kids come into the picture!

Some women are just looking to sit on their *** and let someone else take care of them, and marriage is the easiest, quickest, cheapest legal way to accomplish that. I think you got one of those, dude. Get out!

Lazy. What the hell??? What I don't get is did she get the ring and all of a sudden turn into a fat lazy couch potato??? Have you tried marriage counseling?

Jesus, get a divorce, already! And do not have any kids!