My Life Is Spent Keeping Her My Expense

I hate my wife for various reasons.  There are moments that I can actually stomach her but mostly I just wait for her to go to work and be gone.  I don't even like talking to her.  We are so different.  Im a "glass is half full" and shes a "what the **** happened to the rest of my drink *******"...kind of person. 
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There is a theme that keeps recurring in my life lately. The reason may be so that I could share it with you so ....
You can not live your life for your children or your spouse. You have to live your life for you.
Your children will learn from your example. They will think that what ever is going on in that house is normal and how life will be when they are grown and married. By staying you may be doing them more harm than good.

In real world, this situation exists in most married men, but, married men act like they are happy and shows to society how happy they are.Why they act this way? 2 reasons---- only for the sake of children or scared to get divorce. Because divorce will ruin him financially for the long run. He will lose 50% of assets, big part of salary forever and the kids.

Only stupid men get married , nowadays. Do NOT marry, stay single, because family courts are against the men. You live once. You have 100% rights to be happy. ****, the human created rules,and system. Stay Single, Be happy and live longer .

in a cost/benefit analysis, Stay Single :)

She dead yet?

This was written 6 years ago. Im curious how things have turned out.

Still together. Kind of? We separated 2 years ago but have still been living together. The relationship is esentially the same except if i were to decide to be with someone else it technically wouldnt be cheating. I'm likely going to conceed and go for marriage counselling....not because i want to actually fix anything but because id rather fake being happy with her and stay with my kids.

I know ur Payne bro, I know that feeling at 3 am when wake up in a sweat n u saw ur long miserable life with the person lying next to u ... **** I know that filling

Are you sure you aint married to my wife. Exact same scenario here. I had to laugh

YOU come first. Get out. Stop making excuses and just do it.

Why did you get Didn't you notice her personality before you got married?

I am in a very similar sitution. No matter what happens, she always has to bring me down. I am going to share my story .

Life is not a dress rehersal...plan your escape before she poisons you forever.

sometimes whiny negativity is just attention seeking,i find saying im not listening to this rubbish ,then walking off,although it sounds really insensitive,(i think annoying someone and bring then down constantly is worse),works wonders,give it a try

Living with hate is not pleasent just dont let it consume to her if it dont work then you must for your own sake start over...give yourself the chance to feel happy again to know love...if you are staying because you have children you are not doing them any favor.. i wish you well.

Have you told her this? If she thinks you're sacrificing out of love she may not know how resentful you are. If she loves you she deserves a chance to change<br />
<br />
I tell my husband but he doesn't change

Gee what can I say except sadly what you wrote, made me kinda chuckle. Drop the half empty *******, and find half full and aren't i blessed. We do exist!!

Really?! No offense but that's what they all say and once that wedding ring is on the finger it's over. I speak from many stories.