My wife is an unappreciative worthless bag of over-emotional fecal matter. She nags about everything. Even when i don't say anything to her she finds something to ***** about. We have 2 kids together and she yells and screams and throws things right in front of them. Most of the time i have no clue why she is angry. I've asked her to go to counseling but she claims that nothing is wrong with her and i should go instead. I no longer see her as a sexual being. She listens to her friends and pathetic relatives over me. Anytime she listens to them in whatever she is doing, it goes to crap and i have to bail her out even after i had told her the right way to do it. Her friends and family no where to be found to help. No matter how many things she messes up and i fix, she is too stupid to realize the problem.  If i go to the store for five minutes over her estimated time it is supposed to take, she is sure i am cheating onher. She starts whooping and hollering and going into an act. I wish i had a videocamera and was able to videotape some of her displays. They are quite amazing at times. She would definitely be a finalist for "Americas Most-Over-Dramatic Wife Award".  When i talk to people who have met her they cannot believe that she is who i am talking about. She is a master of disguise. Well i guess she has to be , that's how she got me. She has called the police on me because she was angry and had me escorted out of my own house. Of which everything i have paid for. The next day after i spend the night in a hotel she makes it seem that it was my fault for making her kick me out. When all i did was ignore her when she starts. I figure it is better than indulging her and saying very hurtfull things. It is inevitable that i will file for divorce but the timing doesn't seem right. I don't want to just do it without all my ducks in a row because she can be very resourceful and persuasive when need be.

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Get a spycam and film it!

Get those ducks in a row DAMN fast please, if it was you doing this to her, you would quickly be slapped with the label ABUSER. She is abusing you and after working in a shelter for five years for abused women and children, i'm pretty sure i know the signs. GET the hell out as fast as you can, and when you leave take the kids with you, if they are witnessing this type of behavior they are being emotionally abused and by no means feel safe in their own home. YIKES, the stuff makes me boil. She sounds like a cruel, hostile, angry women, and if she is not taking it out on you she will most likely start taking it out on your children. PLEASE do yourself and your kids a favor GET OUT ASAP!!

I feel you brother, I am in the same boat. Tomorrow I am hitting radio shack to buy a voice recorder to have something when my divorce comes up