I Hate Her This Much

I typed into google "how to get your wife to want leave you" and I found EP.  I posted my story about how I wanted to make my wife want to leave me, and I mentioned/asked other posters if this made me a coward.  Does it? I will ask men that hate their wives too.  Does making my wife want to leave me, instead of telling her that I want to leave her, a coward? 

I hope that it doesn't.

This place is awesome.  I had no idea that there were other people with such... feelings... that I have. 

I cannot stand her at all.  She always complains and I take it.  When she even thinks I am complaining... she b*tches at me! I do not enjoy having sex with her, at all.  I miss having great, filthy, dirty, sweaty sex.  Five minutes, and I am done. WHY? Because I hate her.  She is a black hole of my life.  I used to have a life.  Now, if I go out I have to explain myself the next day.  She is always thinking that i am cheating on her.  What do I want to do now? I want to cheat on the b*tch.  When I am with her, I see othe women.  Not even better looking women, and I wonder what they are like.  Are they nice, would they treat me civily from day to day, are they expressive about their desires? 

If I say goodbye to her, I will not get married again... for a very long while.  This is my second wife and I don't know if I can handle a third. I hope she learns to hate me and leaves my sorry a$$!!!

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Ugh. I get so mad when I think about bitchy wives. I hope I never become one. I'm good to my boyfriend now. I hope I never become like that, someone other than the loving woman he married.
Don't do anything rash because if she does divorce you, she could take you for everything you have. I wonder if you could keep everything you have if you leave her, and tell the court what a ***** to you she was. I feel your pain on the sex situation. I haven't gone through the missing of it, but I know I would if I were you.
I don't know what to do. I don't think it's cowardly for you to want her to leave you, but why exactly don't you want to leave her? Good luck

I don't suppose you've ever taken the time to figure out why she treats you the way she does, or have imagined that it might have something to do with the way you behave towards her? Just sayin', it may not be all her fault.

carolin2000us, that is so funny......... and would work!

hire a really good looking guy to let her think he likes her, and when they are in a "date" kissing! , boooom!, you come out of nowhere and then you have the excuse that she is cheating.

Thanks Jaze2. I am a woman, but I am honest. <br />
Wikkedfinn - you need to keep one thing in mind. Some women like to trap their men by falling pregnant...don't let this happen to you. Just for the record.. I am not one of them!

Women don't like to let go and feel like failures....

Nope... no kids. That is why this should be easy. Its not. <br />
<br />
We had the talk, AGAIN, this weekend. She was mad at something I was doing and she over-reacted BADLY. Long story short ( I am going to post the long story later) I told her to save her money so that she could move back to the states. After much yelling, and much discussion (and crying on her part) she told me that she doesn't want to leave. This was after she agreed with almost every point that I made about how bad our marriage is.

I understand the desire. (1) People will pity you rather than thinking you're a jerk if she leaves you, rather than you leaving her. (2) You won't have to feel as guilty about losing the kids to some or all extent, and you'll be able to explain to them that she left you, leaving her stuck explaining why she broke up the family. (If you don't have kids, I have no idea why you're with her, so I'm assuming you do.) I often have the same thoughts. I'm not sure I'm going to act on them, and I'm not sure how (tell me if you find anything out!); probably if I want out I'll have to get out myself and take the abuse from everyone. But I understand what you're thinking.

Women are very good at making someone's life hell.... If she wants this marriage to work, for whatever reason, she will not leave. You need to be the one to end the relationship if that is what you really want. If I were you I would leave now...... you will not get any younger. I gave the same advice to my girlfriend who was having an affair.... She is still in the same sexless marriage and still having an affair. Sneaking around constantly.....You don't want to end up in the same situation. That's not living!

She is in charge.<br />
She will never never leave.<br />
Don't you deserve a little happiness ?<br />
Unless you are content to suffer for the rest of your life, you have to leave. Be prepared to lose at least half of everything. But, isn't that better than suffering for the rest of your life ?

I hope you don't have kids. Get out if you possibly can. No one should have to be that miserable.