Ungrateful *****

I am 27 and have been with my girlfriend since I was 20. She is one year younger than me and we have one child. She was the only girl that I have ever trusted. The following will explain why she is my girlfriend and not my wife.

When we met we partied (typical 20 year old stuff and no drugs) and had lots of great sex. When I was 21 and she was 20 she got pregnant and without my influence she decided to have an abortion. I told her at the time I would support whatever she wanted to do. I think she did it because she wasn't sure how serious we were which I can understand.

When I turned 23 we broke up for 9 months and each saw someone else. It was mostly me that caused the break up and I did think of her a lot when I was with the other person and she tells me the same. So we got back together and I vowed to take things seriously. At the time I purchased my first brand new car and even said I wanted a family car. I treated her like a queen and better than I had treated her before or any other girl in my past. I had a good job and in a mature way the great sex and partying started again but this time the sex was in a home that I purchased and the partying was more of lots of dinners and get togethers with friends and things like that. She got pregnant again and this time we decided to go through with it and were both very happy about it. We even talked about getting married before we found out she was pregnant. I made it clear that I wanted to get her a nice ring and make the proposal very special. I did not propose right away as money was very tight as she was not working and I had a good Job for a single young man but not to support a family.
She eventually got a job in order to qualify for Mat Leave and 1 month before having our baby I got a stressful but really good Job that I could support all three of us.

Anyways fast Forward 11 months after we had our daughter and had moved in together I noticed she started to get weird. She always hinted at she wanted to move to the town that she grew up in 15 min away but would add 30 mins to my 1 hour drive to work which she didn't seem to care about. She would then always take the baby for a night here and there to her parents which I figuered was because she was home sick. Eventually it started to bother me that I was working an hour away to provide for my family for her not to be grateful. I was the provider and nothing was ever good enough. She became nit picky about everything and would make fun of anything that I enjoyed. When I would come home the house was always a mess and she would have company over. Dinner was never on the table and laundry was never done until my days off. I started to gain weight due to the amount of fast food that I was eating as I did not have much time after work to cook. I also found myself taking care of our daughter on my days off while she went out drinking with her friends. Three months went by were we had sex once and I felt like I forgot how to even make a move on her because everytime I would even hug her she would yell at me or ***** about how much of a pig I was. One day while I was at work I got a text from her parents asking where she was as it was getting late and she had left our daughter with them. Earlier that day she told me she was staying with her parents. I then left work as no one could reach her, no friends family no one. After I picked up our daughter one of her friends told me that she had been seeing someone. I found out who and being angry I started to message him on facebook but I never got any reply. She then came back the next morning and denied it saying that she was with another friend. She wasn't with the other friend as she called me the night before looking for my girlfriend. She then said that she smoke weed which her and I did not do and passed out and was ashamed of herself. I was very angry as I did not believe her and even found a receipt for condoms in her car. The condoms were purchased the night she vanished. Eventually I calmed down and tried to work things out but she only got worse the week after the day she disappeared. I pleaded with her not to go out anymore and she taunted me about going out and would dress up really nice. Then she spent about 3 hours in the bathroom one day getting ready to go to a concert. I have never seen her look as good as she did that night and this was after her having a baby. She left in a hurry. Once she left I fell to the floor crying while my 11 month old daughter watched from her hi chair. I called her while she was still driving and I still crying to ask her if I could pick her up and she rushed me off of the phone and said yes. I never saw her until the next morning and I called her about 60 times. All her friends that she was with played dumb and said they had no clue what happened that night. I got a very vivid facebook message from the guy on facebook that I thougth she was seeing telling me to leave him alone and hes done ******* my girlfriend ending the message by saying "shes all yours buddy". My girlfriend confessed to making a "mistake" and then a few days later said the "mistake" was going out with him but denied anythign sexual. I had a friend who knew the guy who confirmed what happened. One of her friends saw her and another guy together that same night. I kicked her out and took the baby for two weeks leaving her with different family members while I was at work. As Cindi was not working and clearly had stopped her partying I gave her back our daughter and took her on my days off. Cindi begged like I've never seen a person beg for me to take her back but continued to deny that anything had happened even with all of the proof that I had. I told her that I loved her and will always that she has died to me.

Eventually I met another girl named Rebecca and we started to see each other. I had some great memories with her. She was smart, beautiful and we shared a lot of the same interests. Cindi had no clue about Rebecca but the reality of her moving on and another man possibly being in my daughters life drove me crazy. I decided to end things with Rebecca and try again with Cindi for the sake of our daughter. I took a transfer to another city 6 hours away hoping that us getting away from all the drama back home would help us rebuild. I now find myself coming home from work cleaning and cooking again while Cindi watches TV and *******. As I am still emotionally scared and never found the guy Cindi cheated on me with to beat his *** so to compensate I have been working out like crazy to get my mind off of it. I am not trying to brag, but I am starting to look good again and am finding I am getting noticed by the opposite sex.

Today is my birthday and I got in bed and put my arm around Cindi and she flipped on me and said it was to late to have sex. Since we have moved we have had sex very few times and when we do it seems to be a big chore. I am writing this as I now realized how much I hate my girlfriend. After cheating on me with a guy that just wanted a piece of *** and taking the ***** back. I am the only one working and coming home to a messy house and no food at the table when I come home. I am 27 and have an amazing job. I see intelligent attractive girls all the time and this is what I come home to? I put up with it for so long as I hate the thought of my daughter having a step day one day (I know its selfish). I was terrified of the legal costs to ensure I get full custody or even 50/50 or if i get 20/80 and having to pay spousal support while shes out with another guy. I now feel ready to take on anything just to get out of this. I am going ******* crazy right now.
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Sorry you have went through this. You should fight for 50/50 because it will help you and your daughter. Ill pray that everything works out okay