Wife Going Out Of Hand

Please refer to my earlier stories. I want to update further.

Now my wife is back home after staying with her parents for over a month.
Her medicines for TB of uterus are also continuing and we are not having any sex since last 3 months as per Doctor's advise.

Now the problem is that my wife is becoming manner less day by day. She is behaving particularly very badly with my mom for no rhyme or reason.
Now lets talk about this Sunday. She was preparing her breakfast in the kitchen at 11 AM, she left spilled tea leaves on Gas and some other mess around the gas. My mom asked her to clean it up, she angrily said she will do it later. She dint turn up till 2 PM, then she came out of her room at 2 PM for ironing her clothes, my mom again requested her to clean up the mess, she again angrily reacted not to tell her what to do and what not to do, she will do it later.

Finally at 3 PM when it was time for lunch my mom cleaned up the mess created by my wife herself. Here I may add that my wife creates this mess almost daily and my mom cleans it as she leaves for office.
When I returned home from office at 3 Pm for lunch, mom was preparing lunch in the kitchen, when almost half the lunch was prepared my wife came into the kitchen to assist my mother(to show-off), my mom reprimanded her for not cleaning the mess in the kitchen, she began shouting on my mom that she is trying to create differences between her and me.
Then all hell broke loose when I also reprimanded her for her such behaviour. She became more aggressive towards accusing my mom. I became very angry and abused her, in return she gave me a volley of abuses.
Now my mom says whats the use of spending life with such a worthless and abusive woman.

Now laws in India are such that u just can't get a easy divorce. Situation is getting really very tense for me.
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3 Responses Sep 11, 2012

Was she forced to marry?

No, she married on her own will as I come from a very good family.

What do you lose by leaving? Taking up a second residence or refusing to care got her; cut off expense accounts, etc?

Just pack your bags and walk away

Mum is right. Didn't i advise you to leave her at her parents in an earlier story.