Sick Of Wife

Guys, I need to vent. My wife is actually quite charming, when she's in a good mood, but that's becoming more and more rare these days. Married 15 years she constantly accuses me of cheating. I've never cheated or even flirted. Her emotional instability is getting to me, as well as her stupid crazy ideas. She convinced me to quit a good job and start a business, I went along to save our marriage and now the business is failing and we're 150k in the hole with nothing to show for it. I want out but I feel for my kids, I can't handle them on my own and I don't want them to suffer with her. She's manipuliative, vindictive, cruel, moody, insane, and unforgiving. She's constantly criticising my every move, but if I say one little thing about her she goes crazy. She has no understanding about money. Before I got married I always paid my bills, kept debt under control, and lived within my means. But with her we are deeper in debt every year. It sucks.
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I have to agree with many of the other replies here in that you should draw a line, and let her know. I am in a somewhat similar situation in that I need to vent because my wife is driving me crazy.

Over my 11 year marriage I have for the majority of the time been the one to say sorry and apologize even though it may or may not have been my fault. One day I told her I had enough and that I would not back down.

Well things have gotten worse because I think my wife is crazy like your woman and most other wives. She is bi-polar but not enough to warrant a diagnoses, or maybe it is hard to diagnose?

Anyways, stand your ground and let her know enough is enough.

You don't have to leave her if she agrees to some therapy, pills whatever...though I pretty much suspect she'll get really mad if you proposed that.This is nowhere near normal behavior.This seems like a problem with control, she's really getting irrational and hysterical and doesn't bother to control her reactions...I've seen that tendency in many women and it doesn't seem to be cycle or hormonal related.Couple's therapy is something that she might agree on and you might get her on the track to getting some help for her absurd tendencies.

BillyJoyJim, Sounds like you have a bad case of the Soft Back, and had your man card taken away 4 yrs ago. Well I'm going to tell you how to get in back for sure! 1.Thing you need to do is open up another account with out telling your wife, transfer all the money into that account. 2. Find you another house for you and your kids, with out telling your wife. 3. Fix your wife a nice dinner, get her drunk, and give her the old Sausage, when she starts to cry out in pleasure look her dead in her eyes and Spit in her face! ******* Love when men spit in their face. Then get up shoot your load in her Hair. grab the kids and the bags and go to the new house.

I'm In the same situation. And it's bloody hard. It's easy to say "leave her". I'm self employed so I wouldn't advise giving up! It's great being self employed. I'm onto wife number 2 and I said to my present wife before the last marriage that Jealousy killed imy first marriage. It's killing this marriage as well. I'm not particularly good looking so I think it must be to do with womens inecurituy

Thats pretty bad. You have to leave her, she was going to split up with you if you didnt leave your job? Wow , you could quit your job so why not quit the business and find a good job again. Take charge and if she argues roar at her about how much debt your in because she has idiotic ideas about businesses. Stuff it she needs a reality check, silly to quit your job, mindless to stay in the business. Dont meekly ask for control just take it.

Brother Billy it is time you manned up and made her accountable for her actions. I know becuase i did the same.

Stay Strong & Good Luck