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I met my wife like no other woman you will meet strike that most guys meet women through friends my wife is the mother of four children i like to call the devils spawn ! I was friends with her babies daddy for some time until he showed he was a hipocrate so i unfriended him and he proceded to abuse his childrens mother and she left his ***** *** !! We hooked up thru my sister who in the generosity of her heart let shanna and her four brats to stay with her !! All was good until i was arrested for child abuse for allegedly dropping sydney star cammiss on her head from four feet off the ground ! witch never happened !!!!!! so i spend three months in jail for a crime i did not commit and when i gat out for lack of evidence i resume my relationship with shanna marie mottie and all is ok my parents take her in and help her get her lisence and her own place to live and she starts to fight for custody of her four brats ! The whole time she wants to get married !! Now im a lifetime bachelor never been married and no kids !!!!!!!! So im kinda leary about getting hitched but i wanna stick it to jason cammiss as hard as i can without butfucking him so i do i marry the ***** and all is cool until she losses her custody battle with Jason John Cammiss and her ******* kids hate me because of all the **** the daddy talks so im chilling and all of a sudden she dont like me nomore she wants to be on her own !! And thats fine by me cuz i hate kids !!!!! I hate her Ex and im not really attracted to her streched out *** anyway !!! Good luck Shanna Marie Mottie (Johnson) hope you pay thru the nose in child support and suffer a long life Yours truley Harold James Johnson : ) Ps **** you **** !!
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LOL you are a pathetic loser who never would get off your lazy ******* *** and work. I'm so glad I kicked you out of my car that day, you are a pathetic piece of ****, a true waste of space! Glad to be rid of you and your microscopic penis. Have fun living with your parents for the rest of your life! HAHAHA