She's Never Wrong

I don't know what happened, before my wife got pregnant she was perfect. Her care meter was low and nothing ate at her, now she cares about what everybody thinks and the perception that it creates. I am constantly told that I am wrong and that she remembers the exact events/conversations from anywhere from 2 days ago to 2 years ago. She B&&&&&& and moans that she is right and that I have a terrible memory until I finally just get tired of arguing and say that I am a F***Up and that I will fix the problem. Then she cries that I run away from the problem by saying that and that it doesnt solve anything. Well if she would listen during the original argument to the calm rational that I put forward to solve the issue she wouldnt be at that point. I dont want to be intimate with her because her attitude and mock dominance just irrates the s*** out of me. Then she cries because I dont want to have sex with her. She holds on to so many issues from the past that are no longer relevant and likes to throw them in my face, she mocks me in front of my friends, she gets fresh with me in public when I cant do the same with her, her phone is her best friend, she cant follow through on any menial task, she makes little issues into full blown fights for no reason. Let me give an example:

Our wedding night after the reception we went back to our hotel room, some of our friends had also got hotel rooms also so we can do an after after party. Well good times were rolling and most everybody save my wife and I were in this pool skinny dipping. (Im talking three of her hot friends and some of my buddies). So she begs me to get in the pool with her and I say ok, we get in and after a bit she asks me to take off my boxers as she wants to get naked. I tell her no twice and she keeps on insisting so I finally agree. Everything is going good, she gets on my shoulders to play chicken with one of her friends no problem right. So we do it a few more times and then I pick up one of her friends on my shoulders no problem right, right at that point in time. Fast forward one week. All of a sudden I cant keep my hands off her friends and I crossed a boundary by having fun that she started. She said that I went to far, so I asked her why did you not say anything to me then, she replies that she did not want to ruin the night and in retort says to me why do you think I was sitting on your friend Lance's leg in the water. Oh great your getting back at me for something that you allowed me to do in the first place by opening that door.

So during that argument she refuses to admit that she did anything wrong and that I am at fault for everything. This stuff happens all the time and yes I am at fault for some things, but i admit my faults and move on. She refuses to admit ever that she is wrong and will try to turn it on me no matter what the scenario is. I hate her with a passion and she refuses to change....Im almost ready for a change.
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3 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Enjoy your misery my wife is very similiar. Are you sure there not twins

No I wont, I have this everlasting family knack that once we commit to something we dont ever quit.

u mean u panning to divorce her???