Online Line Cheating

well here my story..... one nite i took my wife out for a nite on the town she has friends on kik we were sit in a bar haven a drink and she was texting i look over and seen she was talking to a guy. i asked her what the hell are you doing she delited the chat and i found out this has been going on for mouths she said she soory and blocked the person but now i dont trust her and grown to hate her ever day. she triing so hard to show me she loves me and a was wrong but i cant move pass this point and i want to end this with her and go are onw way... is this the right thing to do i need some help please
raydee raydee
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Dump her!

If she seems remorseful the you still have the leverage to make it right. Set some ground rules and tell her you expect some transparency for a while in order for her to earn your trust back. You want to be able to look at her phone and email accounts whenever you require. Go with your gut. If you think she is still screwing around she probably still is. If you think she is sincere give her another shot. You may even want to talk with her and get her to be honest about why she felt the need to cyber cheat. Get her to be honest and open. That is the key to getting over this... If you want to.

You need to find a nice young girl ;-)

these females are ******* ... they can never become one mans women

Wow, this is horrible !

To be honest with you if she really doesn't mean it you can forgive her but if she did again then you can judge here hardly. alright now try to show her that you love her and you know just try to show her that you want her she's for you. Find out why she was texting that guy of course there's a problem because it's not normal for married women to do that this is sort of betrayal.

Leave her buddy

If she's doing it right in front of you she at that point in time didn't give a **** what you think. How long between that night and the blocking etc, because I would be thinking she just decided the other guy wasn't going to be a good replacementIf it's early in the relationship I'd just ditch that chick, I wish I had've acted on my early suspicions with **** like that<br />
Oh I just noticed your age and fact you said wife... so I'll change that to, if you have the means to bail on that situation, might be worth thinking about

Are u getting sex or is she letting u down on that?

Chances are if she was chatting online she has cheated on you as well physically. Of course she will deny this saying she was only chatting.

What the hell brother raydee you have every right to be ****...ed about this. The nerve of her to openly chat like that in your presence.

What you do is up to you but i would suggest that you give her some real consequences so she realises this behavour is unacceptable.