I Hate My Wife

I have been married to my wife for just over nine years now. She has been a practicing alcoholic for 5 of those years.
She quit drinking for a total of 4 years, but has recently resumed her drinking ways.
Problem is that we have a 2 y/o daughter.

My wife has not worked in 9 years. Her alcoholism made it impossible to keep a job. I have been the sole money earner since. She is now a stay at home mom. Every weekend we fight because of shared responsibility. I get home from work every night and help with our daughter. I clean up the dinner dishes, take out the garbage/recycling and am in charge of all outside maintenance as well as caring for the animals. I get up for work @ 5:30 am and most nights do not sit down till after 8 or even 9pm. My wife's day does not usually start until after 7 am and she is usually sitting down relaxing well before I am.

On weekends, I get up both mornings with our daughter while her mother sleeps till 10. I expected to plan activities all weekend for us to do and if I would like to do something for myself it usually comes with either a guilt trip or I have to try and do it in the hour and a half that my daughter has a nap.

I have been driven out of my house several nights because when she is drinking, she becomes an absolute c**t and will follow me around trying to engage me in an argument. I have slept in my car in near freezing temperatures to avoid these arguments. I have also cancelled so many plans with friends and family due to her drinking.

I hate her and I want her out of my life. If I leave, I lose a house that I love as she will not have any money to pay rent. I will also lose 2/3 of my pay in support payments.

I would like to try to gain 1/2 custody of my daughter but I refuse to pay support to her mother when I know she's just going to **** it down the drain in wine.

nipdad83 nipdad83
36-40, M
Dec 1, 2012