Wife Is A Money Sucker

Well, I separated from my wife after 20 years this past July. She hired a lawyer who is drawing up a separation agreement. We sold the matrimonial home last week and the 1/2 Rule applies. I moved out and have been working ever since. This women and I have a 13 year old daughter who lives with mom. I and stbxw agree to joint custody and no doubt I will be paying child support. Guidelines in Ontario state, I have to pay about 340/month. Stbxw works part time 20 hrs per week. She wants spousal support but said if I give her 40k I won't have to pay her or my child any support. That to me is a load of crap. This woman has her own agenda. She wants to be friends. Yea, some friend. She is trying to suck me into giving her money and then when see blows through it, she will come after me for more. Even her lawyer seems to think I owe more for child support and has calculated support payments over what my province has listed as guidelines. What I know is that I WILL ONLY PAY WHAT THE GOVERNMENT TELLS ME I SHOULD PAY. This woman has always rode on my financial contrails. Now see thinks I'm stupid. Well I'm not and have nothing but contempt for every breathe of air she takes. I hate her more and more each day. What a tool. She wants the separation agreement signed before Christmas. My position here is I am in no hurry. The sale of the house closes on the 7th of January. You know something, I can wait, because I work full time. She doesn't. So I can stick her agenda up her rear. What an idiot.
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Certainly don't give her any money without a written agreement that is reviewed by a lawyer. If you give her $40k then the agreement should say she won't get child or spouse support, I would think.

Good to see you have a clear handle on whats going on. You are right dont give her any money other than what the government states in your part of the world.

You can bet you last dollar that she will try and scrape everything she can get. Good idea of prolonging things out theres no rush and now that you are rid of her you do things according to your agenda not hers.

She will most likely need you before you need her so for this reason dont be surprised if at some point she tryies to come crawling back when she has spent her share of the $$$$ or she just plainly realises she can no longer afford x, y, & z like she used to.

Stay Strong & Good Luck