Today's Installment... My Wife Is Incompetent!!!

Got a call from the school today. "Hello Mr. Ambrose, Kevin does not have a lunch today". "Oh no problem, I'll just call my wife and have her figure out where it is and run it over to the school". Should be reasonable enough, right? I mean, my wife doesn't drive, but the school is only two blocks away, afterall. I called Mrs. Ambrose. "OH NO! I told him (he's six) to put it in his school bag this morning!, where the heck is it?" After holding for several minutes without luck, I hear her say to me "why don't you call the school back...". I was like "WHAT!? I am not calling the school back, I am out of this". Then the fun begins. She tells me she is going to leave on Wednesday (that means commit suicide, for those of you not in the know about me). I was like "Fine" and we hung up. I then receive several text messages, the basic jist of which is "if you don't call the school back, I am leaving in an hour". I ignored her. Then the phone calls start. I ignore the first one. Then she texts me something to the effect that if I don't pick up, she will call my workplace. Talk about really ******* me off to the point of steaming out the ears!!! GRRRRR! She tries calling again. I ignore again, so that I can read the last few messages and see what was up. It is here that I find out she's threatening to call my workplace. The phone rings again, this time I pick up, because, after being out of work for eightteen months, there ain't no ******* way I want her calling my boss so stupidly. I finally agree to call the school and let them know we couldn't find anything. They so nicely tell me that maybe Kevin misplaced it, but if they don't find it, they will find him something. I thank the lady from school and I hang up.

And the RESENTMENT continues to build!!! Wouldn't it have been ******* easier to just make new sandwiches and run them the **** over to the school?! I really don't know how much longer I can put up with this!!! :-(
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

How do you not go off on her? I don't know her and I want to knock her into the middle of next week.

Beat her ***. One *** whipping will either change her attitude or she will leave. Win-win