I Hate My Wife, I Have A Sexless Marriage

Dear Friends,

Many of you must have seen last post which was 3 years ago. Again; I am htingmy wife from the core of my heart. She does a mistake.....pinpoint her & then she is angry at me.....her simple question "what's your problem?" My daughter suffering from 103 degree fever but she has to go to party. I tend to my daughter's illness. Its my daughters' bad luck that her mother is non caring. After few days or few weeks; she is on non talking terms to me and then I have to apologise to her. What a situation for me.....Please laugh at me.....mae me a laughing stock.

I am staying in the marriage because of my old parents.....83 & 81 years and of course for my daughters. I have a plan.....I am in this house till my parents ae alive and then will leave my house & wealth for my wife & daughters. BECAUSE SHE WON'T MEND HER WAYS.

Today; my kids ar 12 & 5 years old but I do not want to live any more. If death comes to me; I will gladfully accept it. No charm in living life like this.

No coherence with her either mentally or physically. A woman with ne sexual desire. I am an Indian and lives in Kolkata. Till date I have not engaged in physical intercourse apart from my wife but at my age of 42; it looks I have to get satisfied outside. I am pretty smart and looks like almost 32 i.e. 10 years younger. Any pretty woman or lady looking for a partner may contact me at navin12345@email.com.

navin12345 navin12345
4 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Hey mate--you poor bastard and heart felt commiserations from someone who's been there and gotten out of the choke hold the rotten slag had over my life. You got to get out- it felt like an enormous weight was lifted from my shoulders and everything has slowly gotten better and better. No more deceitful cow!

You need to get out now. You an your wife make each other miserable. There is more to life than hating to live.

Neo young,
Please Don't mind.
Does PROPHET IKPEFUA charge you any thing for the favours he does for you..

Why dont you just man up and kick her out. Sounds like she might be having an affair