My set me up accused me of hitting her when I didn't and then her father turned up at the marital home and proceeded to try and strangle me,this did not happen as I hit him I did give him plenty of warnings before hitting him. The police arrived and I calmly went with them to the nick. I was put on bail and only allowed to return to the home with a police officer to collect some clothes however the wife packed everything I have ever owed into my vehicle I believe she had family help. About 5days later the police released me from bail saying no further action was being taken. I didn't cantact the wife for few days then spoke once briefly with her and sent o.e txt. he police have had me back at the nick saying I harassed her! Today I have to go to my house which I pay the mortgage but we are joint on the mortgage to empty my garage of wot personal belongings I have left and this according to the police is my last visit to my house,the police told me she has changed the locks to prevent me from entering and also I have been told that she is giving me nothing frominside the house and nothing from the sale of it. I have a solicitor now but I don't see how I will do any good they say the women get most of everything so this is why I is screwed. I have no children with her but she has 2 from al previous marriage.
9nodster 9nodster
36-40, M
Dec 15, 2012