So We're Going To Sesame Place Today...

...with the kids, for A Very Furry Christmas. We are season pass members there, and this is going to be our very first Christmas visit.

Rewind back to the start of the day. Wake-up sex. Really good, the way she likes it. You would think that would set the tone for the day right? Well I would think so too.... But instead, she decided to blame me for anything and everything that went wrong.

As we jump in the car to go, I realize that the season passes are not in the usual spot in the car. Keep in mind, it has been several weeks since the Spooktacular visit when we last went to the park. Three weeks ago I had an accident, and had to lose the car for ten days while it was fixed. Those passes could be anywhere! But I came in, checked the house, no avail. It;s not the end of the world, they can reprint our passes at the gate. But you wouldn't know it from honey!!!! I had to endure the half hour drive hearing all of the reasons why I am so incompetent. "You have known for a week we were going, blah, blah, blah...."

Once inside the park (we were meeting a couple friend and their daughter), I stopped at the cart to get popcorn and soda. Normally they have the fountain soda, and whenever they weren't working, instead of substituting bottles of soda, we would run in the restaurant and fill our refillable cups in there at the fountain. So I get the popcorn, and I spy this seasonal item there, smores, which I know she loves, and come back to the group with this. You guessed it! Today she would have been HAPPY with the bottled sodas, and I just WASTED all that time in line not getting any drinks for our thirsty kids! I reminded her about the restaurant fountains, and she looked at me like I was a ******* alien!!!   Not to mention she shrugged off the smores as "okay".

What a day!!!!!!!! Needless to say, our friends could not believe her behavior....
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Quit trying to please her, maybe,.. I think it is ******* her off...

Wow really?

At least you now have physical witnesses to the daily fish crap. Life is way too short to put up with that stuff, Bro. Too bad you couldn't have taped a minicamera to the car or something, then play it for her. But as irrational as she is, she would not appreciate her faults being pointed out. God, but I'd love to know where and what time of day your wife was born so I could run a chart. I know environment and family play a role in personality formation, but basic personality is influenced by one's natal chart, overall.

Thanks druid! Actually this woman knows about her suicide wishes now too, so I guess in a way things are looking up! I can try to get that info to you privately. I;d be interested in what you find. lol

That would be a help. I am not a pro astrologer, so some details may be missing, but lordy do I know how to research and use my intuition! ;-)

I would also need to know date and year. February, I think you said, for the month?