My Wife Is A Useless F'ing Slob

Okay, so here it is. Been married 2 years now. I'm 23 and she is 24, and we have a 2 year old daughter. Can you guess what caused us to get married? Everyday we argue about something, no matter what it is. She is a DISGUSTING slob. Before we got married her place was disgusting. Loads of laundry everywhere that had not been washed, toilets & sinks were dirty, hair was everywhere, dishes never got done. I figured things might change when we got married; that I could change her ways. I was wrong. Things do not change fellas, do not kid yourself. She is still a ****'ing slob. I work 12-14 hour days and I am forced to come home and clean the mess around the house that both her and my 2 year old make. Recently I was forced to do 3 loads of HER laundry that had laid around for months in our bedroom. Also, get this, she is so lazy that she said this to me one day when her dog crapped on our back porch,' I'm not picking it up until it dries out." B**ch are you serious! To make matters worse she doesn't work. She quit her job because we moved 20 minutes away from our previous home and she didn't want to drive an hour to and from work. Now I pay all of our bills (cable/net, house,utilities,etc.), pay for both of our car insurance payments, and do almost all of the housework. The two things that she does is watch the kid while I'm at work; and once I walk in the door it's my turn because she needs a break, so after work I am forced to babysit until bedtime. I'm taking online college classes as well (she isn't doing this either) so this can be extremely irritating. The other thing she does is cook, sometimes. Even that is not a guarantee. I can't stand having a conversation with her. She disgusts me as a person. We have sex maybe once every 3 weeks. I stick around because of my daughter, but I'm starting to think that it's best to walk away and be a single father who is happy, instead of a married, miserable SOB.
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If i didnt have kids i would leave mine for dust,just sits on couch all day starring at her mobile eating loads of food and leaving dirty dishes in the sink for someone to clean up after her

Sounds like you need to get divorced

At least you're still having sex, friend. I'm right there in the boat with you - nothing to do but not let the ***** drag you down.

What a rotten slag!

So a month later not much has changed. She still is jobless and still leaves the house a pigsty. She has improved slightly though; I can't be too overcritical. She refuses to go to school "until she has a job." This doesn't make any sense. She says that she doesn't have time because of our daughter to go to school. How does she think it will work when she is actually working again? Besides don't you go to school so you are able to get a job? Clearly her method is working. 7.5 months later and still no job.......

Brother it doesn't get any better. My only advice is to verbally kick her in her fat *** every day. Don't let things slide. Confront her and threaten to leave, if she gets comfortable she will never change. I have made some progress with my pig of a wife but it has been painful and if stop complaining she reverts real quick.

I do like a nice round ***, truthfully the weight wouldn't bother me if she wasn't so lazy and dressed herself up presentably. I don't mean dress like a ***** either I actually prefer pretty to sexy.


I would love 2!

Mate you need to harden up and lay out some consequences. This chick is taking the ****. You pay everything stop supporting her. Cut off the Internet, Cable whatever. You work 14 hour days to come home to clean her clothes?

Brother i would have thrown her clothes over the top balcony. Just leave them there. Do your own laundry and let her **** pile up. Make it abundently clear to her that there are plenty of women out there that would appreciate a good man.

And if she still wont change it is best to be single and happy than married and grumpy. Your child will thank you for it one day.

Stay Strong & Good Luck