Miserable B**** Is Ruining My Life

Where do i start.
I met my ball and chain back in 2007, we got married after dating for 2 years. Ever since then my life has been a living hell.

Before we got married i couldn't have had a better life, my mrs would take an interest in what i did, was kind, was generous, got on well with my parents. Everything a man could ask for. Then on that dreaded day when we got married everything and i mean EVERYTHING changed. We didn't even have sex on our wedding night because she "couldn't be bothered". Brilliant.

Ever since the "end of my life" she has been miserable, and if there is nothing to be miserable about, god damn it she'll find something ! I cant remember a single day since then that she hasn't moaned. Ever since that day we (i say we because if i didnt play along with her psychopathic games i would loose my baby) have fell out with all my friends, both my parents, my uncle and auntie, my brothers , she even had a moan about my ******* dead grandmother!

I cant stand her anymore but i have 2 kids with her and i love them to bits. It would kill me to loose them and become a "part time dad".

A good example is that for some reason she thinks that when i come home from work that is her time to not do anything at all and have a rest. She sits on her arse all day on facebook comparing our lives to everyone else's while one kid is in school and the other is in nursery. So when i come home i do the cleaning, if the dishes aren't washed by me they dont get washed. I cant remember the last time i ever saw her change a nappy ! Yet she always plays the struggling mum routine. SHE ONLY HAS THEM 2 HOURS A DAY DAMMIT !

If i make a mess, ie spill a drink or something im being "selfish" and not thinking of anyone else, being lazy for not putting it on the table THATS IN THE KITCHEN YOU STUPID **** !. However if she spills one and i dont jump up at a seconds notice and clean it up for her while she sits there (on facebook) then im being selfish and lazy !

When we got married i told her i didnt want her to think that i was one of them men that thinks that he can boss women around and if she wanted to do something then she could. She's taken that and abused it and turned it on me. If i want to go out ive got to tell her weeks in advance then she will still ***** about it the before i leave and spend the whole night sending me text messages about how hard it is and how she feels ill. She's never ******* well !

I only get a hug when she is after something, she only talks nice to me when she is tired. Every other time she is a wicked snake tongued venomous rat !

I'm sorry im ranting here, i have so much to say but im so angry at the moment i cant think of how to put it down. I just hate her so badly, i despise her. She went to her mothers the other day (yeah suprisingly "we" still talk to her) and it was amazing, couldn't have had a better week sat on my own. I can't leave her because of my boys. She knows this so she can be a ***** to me all she wants. However we have just had a pathetic argument once again over her being lazy andi dont know if this is it. I wish i had the confidence that i could cope seeing my boys whenever i could, if i had that i'd be gone this very second.

Im her second husband, he first one told me that he feels sorry for me. I thought he was a ******* at the time but im starting to understand what he was saying.
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Brooklyn, i'm sure you don't have to look far for material as all of us men live the same nightmare. My two friends one a GI Physician and another a Wealthy owner of Nursing homes all compare our misery daily. Its funny we are all different religions, from different ethnicities and all have the same problems with our stay at home wives. THEY ARE ALL MISERABLE and want us to be miserable. None of us believe in divorce but they sure know how to show no appreciation. From hidden credit cards to the 4 week period my wife has invented things you never heard of. Good luck with the show as we all just live the show every day.

You are a star mate. You should be happy. And u will be. Ur kids will love u no matter wat. Be stronger.

I'm feel like I may be like her or at least in my hubby's eyes but let me start by saying IHATE FACEBOOK, im so not lazy and i dont purposefully try to annoy him. Maybe you can give me insight as to why he acts like he hates me. We too didn't have sex on our wedding night but we also had our wedding outta state and had too many people around to do so, but I made it up to him the next night 10 fold.
I cook, I clean and I do ask for help with our infant, but it's literally like to vacuum or take a shower. One time he moaned and asked me to "give him warning" when I wanted him to watch her for 20 min. Yes sex is like once a week but if our infant is awake it's really hard to get into anything if she starts crying which I guess is my fault. For us he changed the moment we said "I do." Anytime I say anything that makes him remotely mad he shuts down and locks himself in the room. Then wont talk to me for days at a time, a real mind ****, if you ask me. I think he thinks he has me trapped but I keep telling him he's backing me into a corner. He says I'm so negative and my glass is half empty but where... When and he never answers me.
I know the talked to his ex gf just before we got married, is he regretting this? I mean we just had our first baby. I never complained while I was preg, I still did everything, sex pretty much stopped after month 3 but I def. made up for that with BJs... So what the hell is it?

dude...sounds like you got yourself in something that you don't deserve. Take your kids and get out...i sounds like she is set in her ways and is not willing to change or to get help let alone sit down and talk it out with you. There are ways that you can get your kids...you just have to be smart about it...i do wish you the best...I look at it like this...if the love is not there anymore then what is the point....you can love someone but then be 'in love' with someone and it sounds like all of that has just gone out the window. and if you stay, what is that showing your kids? that someone like that can run their life. take hold of your and your boys' lives and start making the right changes to put ya'll in a better place. I hope it all works out for you....best of wishes!

For sure..your spot on mate...u gotta find sum self worth in life...be happy

It sounds like you need to get your kids and have her admitted for bi-polar disorder.


Sorry about your pain. Your story sounds exactly like mine.

I can sympathise, mate. I thought all the stories of women changing after marriage were a load of old bollocks until I found out for myself. Just a bit of advice: my long suffering mum stayed with my dad for over 20 years for the sake of us kids and it did us no good whatsoever. My brother was so traumatised by it, he barely speaks to either of them now. We all agree we would have been much better off if they'd gone their separate ways years ago.

i agree that it's a mistake for parents to stay together for the kids. it does no good for anyone involved in the end.

Thank you all very much for your responses. She gave me the cold shoulder the other day so i've turned ***** and completely given her it back. And to be honest it seems to be working. I told her today that she needs to stop getting moody, stop blaming everyone else, grow up and accept that you need to put effort in the get by in life. I didn't get a response but my bags are packed and waiting. If this doesn't change in the next few weeks im walking.

If i had read my story too i would probably say walk, but then i look at my kids and i have to try for them. This is the last time. I've promised myself.

Thanks for all your advice. Ill let you know what happens !

Your poor bastard. I completely sympathise. My wife is exactly the same. I work fulltime bring home a good income yet she still ******* and moans that i should be doing half the housework etc.

She is never happy and just like your wife moans about everything. Mate your just going to have to get tough with her and maybe make the decision to leave and start planning an exit strategy.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

Good bloke...ur bang on... No wonder blokes join the army... Stick together blokes

Get out! Get out! Please! Kids will be fine. You will go crazy otherwise.

Take a look at all the stories by people who have called it quits and see how the kids are actually ok. Leave before you end up hating yourself more, than you hate her.Good luck.

Look up Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder, take into consideration that if she breaks you there will be no Dad left for them. Please look into this you need to know where you stand. I learnt all this stuff the hard way. She has you exactly where she wants.

This is quite a story. While I can't personally relate to your situation, I hope you don't mind if I offer some advice. I really think you should leave, it sounds like this woman is sucking the life out of you. Life is too short to be angry all the time. It really seems like you're a very responsible person, so why not file for primary custody of your children? In the past, the court has favored the mother, but its beginning to change with fathers gaining full custody. With her out of the way, you can re-establish all of your connections with your friends, family, and move on to live a happy life. I know it really isn't that simple, but you should really consider making some kind of change before all of this tension with her causes you to change or be bitter.