My Wife Is Bipolar And Is Angry All The Time Thinking About Killing

Hey everyone,
10 years ago my wife and i fell in love with each other at age 14 and 16. 8 months ago we deceided to get married in the gay community! yay! anyways, ever since we got back together 8 months ago, we have been fighting on and off over stupid little things and sometimes more serious things. She keeps all her feelings bottled up inside and keeps me at an arms length. I am the exact opposite! i like sharing my feelings and i can be very emotional at time. We mix like oil and water. But we love each other. She doesn't like the way i think on things and doesn't understand most of the things i do and same goes for me. We had a talk last night about her letting me into her feelings corner and she showed me some things i didn't understand nor did i want her feeling like that. she stated that she wantes to kill people. she is angry all the time and she said that she thinks she needs help. that's a big step for someone to take in my opinion. anyways, sometimes we think that our love isnt enough for us to stay together but i donno. she wants to be admitted in a mental health facility. I love her very much and she says i'm her world....but i don't like feeling unhappy all the time let alone have her unhappy. do you think by us taking her to get help will put a positive impact on our relationship and on my partner? please help. i am at wits end. i dont want us to call it quits.
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Okay if your wife at any point tells you that she is thinking of killing people and she want's to be admitted to a mental health hospital umm why didnt you pack her *** up that same night and take her to get some damn help. People act like mental illness is some kind of joke and gets better over time. News flash it won't and your wife will become more and more irrational as the time flys by. You ignoring her cry's for help. And it will only take something bad happening for you to see this. You cannot help a person who is suffering from mental illness. You can take them to a place where help is available. You not taking her to get help will ruin your relationship and possibly her life. She needs a psychatrist and medication. Maybe a few weeks in the mental ward would help. But you pretending there is nothing wrong with your wife after she is screaming for help makes me wondering who is really the crazy one here.

First of all...i did pack her stuff and take her but I can't try to help someone that doesn't want to help themself. She was the one that didn't go in. I can't drag her in kicking and screaming....she's a grown *** adult. All I can do is support her and give her my help when she needs it. Second, I didn't ignore the situation. If you clearly read the post I stated that I gave her credit for acknowledging that she needs help and that I feel it is a very big step for someone to do that as well as stating that I don't like her feeling like this and being unhappy. Never in my post did I state that I wasn't going to help her. I posted this to get insight on a situation that I was not familiar with in hopes that someone or couples that have been there before could give me advice on how to make this situation easier for her and myself in the success of my partner getting help and me being uplifting in her corner. I appreciate you taking the time to comment but the negativity is unnecessary. I feel as though you did not read my post in the intent that it was intended for, but I do thank you for sharing.

personally I think all Lesbians are emotional basket cases and the reason why it's not common knowledge is because there is an agenda against the family.

you're 'in love' (whatever that means) with someone who has homicidal thoughts? you don't find this alarming?

I feel that she needs help and it is my responsibility to help her see it through since i am her wife. even if she was just a close friend or family, i would help them with whateva i can because i love them and want to see them get better. it's being supportive. everyone needs someone in their corner and with her being my wife i am the one to stand up not only for me or her but for our family. Yes it is alarming, that's why I am here to help her. and not all Lesbians are emotional basket cases. There are many different kinds of lesbians out there. and let's just saying...if lesbians are ALL emotional basket cases, it's because of all the pressure that is put on us, our families, and our communities by others who do not agree with our lifestyle.

I read your post and you are at a croassroads in your relationship your wife has mental illness and if you don't help her she will eventually leave you due to her delusions she could even become violent. I read your post 100% and I still sit here in shock that you would think it's somewhat okay for your loved one to have distructive thoughts and so forth. Did not realise you were a lesbian and so now I kinda understand ( emotionally unstable lesbian) best of luck to ya!

Hi sdcleaningcvcs,

Your situation is a tough one. I think it's a great sign that she's admitting she needs help and wants to be admitted into a mental health facility. I think it can only improve your situation. She can get the help and support she needs and you can start repairing your relationship. Nothing will be a quick fix but it may get her on the right path to controlling her issues. I wish you both the very best.

thanks for the response. :)