My Wife Is ******* Me Off

So, I have been trying like hell to make my marriage better. It's been hard as hell. Things are better than they have been, but lately my wife is ******* me off. One of the big reasons we fight is money. Go figure. She's been out of work for over half a year now. I'm forced to pay all of her bills and mine on top of that. She has no degree, and i have tried to convince her to go to school. She's 24 mind you. She does nothing but babysit our daughter so I do not know what her excuse is. First it was " I can't afford it." I told her about FAFSA and the govt grants. Also the military has programs for spouses that she could utilize to get more grants. Grants not loans. After I finally got it through her thick skull that she wouldn't have to pay any sort of loans she gives me this excuse: "I don't wanna go to school until I have a job." I'm thinking "*****! You go to school to get a job!" In reality I explain to her that her method is not working, and has not for almost a year, and that it's the dumbest **** I have ever heard of. I'm really trying to remain as calm as I can but it's been really eating at me. She doesn't seem to really be looking for a job but says that she is applying for jobs online; the laziest method if it is even true. What should I do? Am I wrong for being pissed? As this is one of the biggest problems we have (HER LAZINESS), would I be wrong for filing for a divorce? Granted it's not the only issue.
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Jan 11, 2013