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To my fellow wife haters. If you dare or care to remember back to the "good ole' days". What are some of the things you said at your wedding, reception, or any other venue that in hindsight was probably the dumbest thing you ever thought of or said. For example at the wedding reception, making a statement like "I know she is my soulmate and we will be happy forever." Or "I knew she was the one when I first met her." You probably even remember the big smiles you had on your face at the time. I think you catch my drift. Have at it fellas........
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Oh man just shoot me now. If it were not for my two kids I would be do gone and shredding, burning then throwing the ashes is the air. Sure you can say that at the time we "loved" each other. Sure but she changed sooooo much but we all change right. Only she developed a very hostile and down right mean attitude toward me and our daughter. You can hear the how she talks different to our son as compared to our girl. I feel I am constantly defending both her and myself from this person who is my contracted legal wife. Aaaagggghhh. Marriage in my eyes is just a contract. Nothing else if you truly love that person why do you have to go through all that trouble, and debt, just to put it on paper?

I know exactly how you feel, I would be so gone if not for my kids well being. As soon as the last one is off to college I will be leaving her so fast her fat eyes will spin.

Please go onto the "I'm a husband in a Sexless Marriage" topic on EP. We are having this same discussion and the people there have no clue. The men are ok with spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get out of their marriage so they can have....peace. I'm so disgusted I won't post there anymore.

It's not that I am in a sexless marriage; that might one of the few positive traits she has is that she is so afraid that I will have an affair or leave her she will have sex any time I ask. The problem is that I hate her so much I have gotten to the point where I have little desire to **** her any more. First of all the sex is predictable and uninspired I am more satisfied ******* off. Secondly she is such a poor housekeeper that her lack of effort to look sexy and the messy house further lower my desire for her and finally she is such a bitter **** I have no interest in her sexually.

Remember telling my buddy that I could always trust her; she'd never cheat. I can't believe what a moron I was. I also remember all the sweet, loving things she said to me over the years, all of which turned out to be worthless.

The only thing I remember is that she told me she loved me and that was the biggest lie. I started thinking that I felt the same and asked her to marry me. I wish she would have said she hated me...then my life would be the mess it is.

It makes me cringe when I think about those statements, what a douche-bag I was.

"I do" was the dumbest thing I said!

Que the soulful violin music, please....

Have you men finally waken up yet?
We want your time. We want your money.
We want your lives. And to devour your souls.

We are your gfs/wives. We are women.
Hear us roar! Live & learn.

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This is so true