Not Sure If Its My Wife Or My Life!

I am at the beginning of a divorce. I am at the place where my heart is detached. I changed who I am for her. That was a mistake. I haven't known how to undue it. I just need to end it.
The fact that I earn most of the money. That she abandons responsibility, refuses to follow a budget. And states that she is living this life for me.
I don't want this.
I'd rather be broke.
She can have the kids. She can have child support.
I don't care anymore.
She is not who I want her to be.
I am not what she wants me to be.

We went to therapy. The therapist sided with her.
I don't care anymore.

What I want.
My sexuality back. My ******* Mojo. I'm getting old and fat because I hate this ******* life.

I wanted an open marriage. She did not.
I want to live as a practicing nudist
she does not.

This is who I was when I met her and I ******* knocked her up.
I did the responsible thing
and moved in with her. Life was good before we married.
We did have fun and I felt like I had Mojo.

Once we got married. In fact that very night, it all changed.

Her openness changed. It got dull. Really dull. And she says this is the life I wanted. It is not even close.

here is the thing. If she would just shut up and be happy with what she has. I'm cool. I'm ok with the choices I made. I made them!

But the fact that she complains and talks about how she should be living on an island somewhere and she has to deal with the cold weather because of my job.

I'm like....well go then. If your not happy go!!!!

There are two possibilities.
She needs to change her attitude. Take responsibility for the choices she has made and stop blaming me for her unhappiness. Accept the way it is, start to enjoy it! Just change your attitude about it. We can't change the weather. We can change our location, but she needs to be willing to work! That is what is wrong, she doesn't want to work. Well too ******* bad.

I'd rather be alone.!!!
peenatration peenatration
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Your wife won't change. There is no change in a grown person. Accept the fact that the marriage is dead and move on.

Brotherpeenatration you sir live with what i call a professional victim. I wrote a sory on this recently if you want to check it out.

I am professional, that is true. I provide for my family. The victim part-I'm not sure that is accurate. I do not complain to my wife. According to your definition, the pv is constantly doing, than complaining about it. Whatever I agree to do, I will not complain about. In fact, I'm happy to do and to help. That is what a partnership is supposed to be about. What I shared in this story is not wahat I express to her.

You misunderstood me Your wife plays the professional Victim

Thanks for the clarification. I think you are right.