Real Life Nightmare

Well this is how it go's.i have been married for two very long years and during these years i have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl.The only problem here is my wife!At first she was great (like they all are)but after we got married it all is the story .she was my friend cusin from another country.we met through him and everything was great , then she got pregnant and everything went to hell.first she did not want to even see me,even though i was very happy about it and was bring home flowers every day and did every thing she asked.while all she did was sit at home and do nothing!!!!!then i came home from work one day and she was gone!no letter nothing with no warning.after three months she decided she finally realized she had a good man.

  so i took her back and like an idiot i married her. for a short time it was all good but after like four months came the ****.no sex ever and when we finally did all she would say is hurry up so i can go to sleep.I figured she's pregnant fine she might not feel the day came and she gave birth.with me and my mom by her side.(oh and may i add all the help my family gave us with nothing from her side AT ALL!!Now time goes by still never no sex no attention nothing like i'm only there for income.

  But lets fast foward now she got a job and makes more than me sometimes so now all she says is that my job sucks,it's no good.all she does is trash my mom and just plain talk **** about my whole family.but defends hers with all her might.she ignores me all the time and only spends time with our daughter.but that's when she is not screaming at her too. it just gets better and better . still no sex or attention even when my mom takes my daughter. all she does is complain about what my mom does wrong and just takes the time we have alone to ***** and moan about how bad her life is.i don't know what to do .please give me some feed back i think i want to devorce but i'm scared to loose my daughter.oh and let me add we are doing her immigration papers.a lot off peaple think i am getting played for a free pass . i just don't know what to think some times she can be nice but few and far bettwen.

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Wow, this story is old but, <br />
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"i am getting played for a free pass"<br />
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It's the truth and if you thought about the situation ob<x>jectively, everything she does or doesn't do would support this.

Sorry to burst your bubble but this IS what marriage is. This is not a bad or abnormal situation that you're in; in fact it is a perfectly normal marriage from the looks of it. You don't seem that you have a mad, psychotic wife who smashes things and bites you and mentally and verbally abuses your kid. This IS what wives do. They disrespect and undermine their husbands and that is the natural order of things. Women are lying, money grubbing ****** by nature and there may be a few exceptions but you can be sure that you would not be that lucky. You are actually in a normal, albeit unhappy, marriage. <br />
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You should read some of the stories over here and then you'll understand what bad wives are. Just hang in there for your daughter and run for the hills when you get the chance and think your daughter will be alright.

I hate to say it, but it sounds as if she's clearly in this relationship for immigration purposes. My first instict is to tell you to "cut and run," end this relationship before it gets any worse for you, you desrerve happiness in your life, we all do. Of course though, I'm a stranger and not aware of all the details. I suppose I'm thinking (and this is only because a child is involved), tread lightly, hope for the best; and above all else, ALWAYS be certain that your daughter is safe and happy. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.

Its hard to give advice with so little information. You have to trust your own feelings and beliefs. Listen to what your family and friends tell you as they have a more ob<x>jective and outside view. what do they tell you?