I Hate My Wife

okay this is weird really weird...



my life in general has always been a bizarre kind of thing.

1. always been careless

2. never ever done anything stupid unless drunk

3. hates commitement

as you all read my titlle, "i hate my wife"


well i do... i hate her

i mean a lot, we've only passed our first year being together and yet here i am loooking for some answer to how i could ignore hating her.

first of all this relationship started as a joke, you heard me. a joke, my ententions was to have sex with her, leave her, and move on. however things basically went ****.


i got her pregnant. now, im a christian, my father is a minister and my whole family has a church. to my concerns, i dont really give a damn. but my parents. :( they basically straight up told me to get married with her. and now im on this position.

my story is a lot different than most. i met her through my brother and knowing that hes already done it with her made it easy for me to give her a shot.


i mean the sex shot...i was always competitive about my sexual performance and so "why not"... right get to the point.


so i courted her the usual thing.

this is really stupid but...i was with different women. i was always somewhat juggling women like candy perhaps. you know try this, try that sort of thing.


i dont know what i saw in her. and quite frankly. i still do see what i saw in her.

i know i mentioned i got her pregnant and yes we got married... but with all the marriage, the baby and everything that weve been through in the past year.


i still dont see why...

im so lost with everything, my life plan is ruined...no more film school, no more late night out with friends and no more excitement. i sit home all day taking care of my kid and its all good.


what i cant stand...is her.


shes always complaining nagging damn it...everything i do is always so wrong.


believe me i change in a course of one freaken year.


i miss my life. seriously. if only i could go back to my old lifestyle...id pay everything.

but hey too late for that now. only thing i could ever do is wish that maybe my wife would change her freaken ways...


i admit i love her...but damn i hate how she acts, laundry foood sex...damn it all i ever ask for is sex yet shes not even giving me some.


sad thing is...between our relationship. i wasnt the only one playing around, apparently her trip to newyork had some extra baggage that she hid from me... after coming back.

one more thing she tried breaking up with me. but me as a stupid idiot. tried to get her back. if only she mentioned what had happened in new york. i wouldve straight out left her. damn it i just wished there was a time traveler machine somewhere in the world.

because i miss my ex.. the one i truly fell in love with. i hate regrets but heres one.


marriage sucks ***.


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2 Responses Oct 27, 2008

Christian? Are you kidding me, who are you trying to fool? Let me know how that turns out.

Ok....I have to say it...GROW UP....you have to be an adult now...you have no choice. You have a wife and a baby to take care of. And no matter how much you "hate" your wife, you will ALWAYS be a father now. Respect your baby's mother. The past is over now. Drinking and hanging out and sleeping around are done. It happens for everyone...it just happened a little sooner for you. Get a job, learn to love laundry and dishes and learn to try and get along with your wife. Don't be a statistic. Talk to your wife, be open with her, stop thinking about your ex. She's your ex for a reason and if it didn't work out once, it won't work out if you try again. Step into your future and stop fighting the enveitable. Go to school, get a degree (that part of you life is not over. You can still make something of yourself) and learn to be loving, kind, considerate and stop thinking about what you're missing out on....don't you think your wife had to give up stuff too? Be a man and embrace your life...