My Wife Has No Heart

she has slowly killed me inside since we've gotten married (5 years ago).  she spies on me and doesn't let me have a personal life.  she may find this.  she has scared away all but one of my friends, and he hates her as well.  we have children, otherwise i would be far, far away from her. 
wilchrist wilchrist
26-30, M
3 Responses Jul 12, 2007

You ******* cuntbag of an idiot! Pull your sack out of your *** and deal with the ***** you "supposedly" fell in love with enough to marry. I'm tired of ******** like you who blame their spouse for their own inadequacies. If you hate her so much, leave her you half man, half gash waste of space.

brotha i was in the exactly the same situation a few months ago. i was spied on, wasn't allowed to have friends, treated like crap and various other loving gestures. Well i recently got out. It sucks at first but man it is like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can't see my kids as often but i wouldn't want them to see me as a defeated shell of a man. I highly recommend that you get your ducks in a row first. Find an apartment, talk to a lawyer, get a p.o. box, start getting your mail sent there. Change your accounts or do something with the money so she can't vindictively take it out or spend it. Make sure that you do not alienate your kids though try to talk to them and spend as much time as yo can. My kids, although young, were smart enough to realize that things weren't paradise. Good luck man. You are about to make a major decision in your life, protect yourself because women can be VERY vengeful.

you'll only hurt yourself more and eventually the children by staying with her. Do you want them thinking that you continued being unhappy because of them? I hope you figure a way out. Good luck