I Wish I Could Reverse Time

I married 5 years ago. It is an intern-race marriage. I'm white, she's Indian. On the day we got married I knew I shouldn't be going through with it, but I cared enough for her and our families that I couldn't humiliate her.
She's a good person and I still care for her, but the cultural differences are too much to keep the marriage together. Her family - staying with us for extended periods, constant expectations, if I don't agree "I'm a racist" (forget the fact that her mother prayed for the white guy to disappear when we were dating).
Now we are separated, it is because "I am white" and our culture is different - again, the fact that her cousin has been divorced from an Indian guy has nothing to do with it. I'm white, so I'm wrong.
Now I'm looking for an out, a quick out, one where I can just live my life without the pain of seeing her upset, me being upset, her nagging and trying to restrict me - well I just want out.
If I do ever marry again, and it's a big if, I will listen to my heart and not my head. If I feel like it's the wrong thing to do I won't go through with it - and I'll make sure my wife-to-be has the same willingness to pull out if necessary.
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1 Response Jul 15, 2007

I actually felt the same way when I got married, now I'm married and unhappy, it is almost as hell on earth. I still love her, and that is why I have not left her, and also because she is pregnant. I did feel though that I should have waited longer before I married her, but I also didn't want to embarrass her. If she is not pregnant yet, try talking to her and go to mediation, and if that is not possible or it doesn't work, then talk to your spiritual leader, then if everything else fails, leave her, it is not worth it to be married like that.