Is Anybody's Wife a Doctor and Hates Her?

Just curious fellow members, are any of your wives a doctor and hates her?  Please share your stories because my inquiring mind would like to know.  Thanks!

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3 Responses Feb 12, 2009

My wife was trying to become a doctor. She was surprisingly similar to RBHT42's wife. She didn't have a job because she is too good for anything less than a lab technician and those jobs are hard to come by in this economy. She never did anything to help around the house and when I asked for help I got a flat, unapologetic NO. She slept till almost noon, took a 3 hour afternoon nap, and then spent the rest of her evening in her MLE study group. She would have loved it if I hired a maid. But instead I'm divorcing her lazy butt.<br />
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She was the most worthless person I've ever seen!! I hate to say such a harsh thing about the woman I once loved, but I calls it like I sees it...

Not sure what you mean about Bohemian, but sounds pretty funny. Explain.

Wow, I would like to hear your story, yeah my wife is a doctor an OB/GYN, she is a raging, lunatic, mommas girl with a very bad attitude. I am a **** hair away from divorcing her, I love my two children way too much so I put up with alot, I mean alot of abuse. <br />
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She is lazy, disrespectful and rides on a very, very high horse. I am not a doctor, but I make a living like one, she actually has the guts to say in public that she is the breadwinner in the family and that I do not contribute at all to the house or family financially. <br />
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The level of abuse I experience from her, no man should tolerate, it kills your soul. Nothing is ever good for her, ever, everything is an issue and requires argument. She cant make up her mind on anything herself, she needs to talk to mommy and she does, 8 times a day, I am not exaggerating. <br />
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We have never made any decision in our house without my MIL being somehow involved. She doesnt do anything around the house and then complains that I dont do enough. She never cooks, never cleans, never does laundry, I pay for a lady to come in and do those things, if I didn't I don't know what would have become of me and the kids. <br />
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All she does is spend her free time at Nieman Marcus an Saks Fifth Avenue, buying more and more SH*T that she will never wear.