Interested, Really.

I just joined this group so I could sit back, and read what it really is that makes husbands ill at their wives.

hate is a strong emotion. but yet I do understand it.... I have said many times I 'hate' my husband... I can honestly say I have been there and done that.


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Well, since you're a woman, I'll advise (as a shortcut to some understanding) to really pay attention to how married couples interact when they're out on routine things like in a supermarket. Watch and listen to how wives talk and treat their husbands. There will be exceptions of course, but I think if you pay attention you'll be surprised by the badgering and petty, mean remarks that wives shower their husbands with. Now, take that attitude and ponder how it probably translates to other, private aspects of married couples' lives. I think you'll agree that the same wife who badgers and insults her husband in public is unlikely to miraculously become a kind, wonderful, pleasure-to-be-with person in private. Usually it's the opposite: people put on their best behavior in public. <br />
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Anyway, just pay attention and extrapolate, and I think you'll begin to understand. Also, this article should help you understand a lot:<br />
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