Do All Women Need Meds, Or Just Mine?

My story can be prefaced by the "I hate my Lazy wife" post. Mine is lazy AND in denial about it. If I bring up any issue regarding dishes, laundry, etc. she LOSES HER FRIGGIN HEAD!!! She takes it so personally, as if I'm saying she's a horrible person or something. I just find it unreasonable that a person would stay home all day and have a hard time doing 1 load of dishes and laundry....

We've been to marriage counseling a few times with a few different doctors, and I swear to god every time the therapists see my wife lose it, they give me that "I feel sorry for you buddy" look. She gets nuts, that's the only way to describe it. She is also prone to anger fits that result in me getting punched, kicked, kicked in the testicles, this is insane...

She was dignosed with depression and when she takes her meds, she's still lazy, but doesn't lose her head as often and is reasonably pleasant to be around. But guess what, today is Valentines day, she hasn't taken her meds in "a few days" and is behaving like an angry animal. Happy Valentines Day *****!!

I'm also very worried that she will end up like her mother as she ages, who is absolutely UNBEARABLE to be around. Not only has her mother alienated all of her children with verbal, emotional and physical abuse, but also has insulted spouses and grandchldren, complete psycho!!! Her mom needs meds as well I'm sure, either bi-polar or manic-depressive.

I want to live a happy, successful, STABLE life, and I just don't know if I can do it with my current wife. I love my kids, 9 and 2, but I feel like my wife brings out the absolute worst in me, anger, depression.... I'm glad I found a place to put it all out there with a bunch of (mostly) guys. I really am beginning to think that there is an inherant problem with women nowadays. Maybe they all need meds?

If you can relate, feel free to respond, it's good to know that there are other who share my frustration...


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I cannot agree with you more on this<br />
"I really am beginning to think that there is an inherant problem with women nowadays. Maybe they all need meds?"<br />
Not just the women in US & UK are behaving like this, but even in traditional countries like India women are adopting the same behaviour as laws are heavily biased in favour of them.<br />
The institution of marriage is in danger because of these kind of women.

I feel for you. While I am now of the opinion that ALL women could benefit by being medicated, the stats from both the Canadian & US departments of mental health indicate 41% of women have mental health issues as compared to 29% of men. So it's not just your wife. Finding a sane woman is down to a coin flip.

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I'd also like to chime in that not all women needs meds. I will, however, acknowledge that I'm one of the "strange" women that didn't have kids (and don't want them), and I DO believe that having children greatly alters a woman's chemical balance. Hormones just change after kids. <br />
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Now, as for your wife, mental issues are definitely heritable, which means there's a good chance one or both of your kids could inherit such traits. As for your situation, if your wife will not acknowledge her own faults or refuses to get treatment, then you need to do what it takes to protect your own sanity. If she is trying, then it's up to you to determine whether or not her efforts validate your presence in the relationship.<br />
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Good luck.

Thanks for all your comments. LOL DeepSouth, so you know what I mean. <br />
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Yes, MissLiss, chemical imbalance seems to plague the women in her family. Her Aunts and Grandmother have reputations for being, umm, extreme... <br />
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Fortunately, Valentines Day was enjoyable, and we had a talk about the meds and ensuring that she is communicating with her Dr. with regards to her emotional stability to make sure she's got the right meds. <br />
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Two days ago she told me "You don't care about my feelings, you want me to be a robot", Which is totally off the mark. I just want some peace! we can talk about feelings, but PLEASE do it in a way that won't SCARE ME OFF!!!!

Bless, I'm sorry that your having to deal with stuff like this. As I was reading I was like wow. Maybe they need to put her on some new medication. She sounds like she really needs to go see somone and talk about whats going on. If shes never seen her mother treat people with respect she sounds like she is following in her footsteps because she doesn't know what it is. Another thing for your kids sake you should get her help. Because your children don't need to be in this type of enviornment. The not cleaning the house is one thing when you have children. I was a stay at home mom and when the kids were little my house was a bit messy and my husband would help me tidy it when he got home. But her anger doesn't sound good at all. It sounds like a time bomb waiting to go off. Best of luck.x