Never Happy *****

Let’s see we have been married for nine years now. The courting period was GREAT. She would constantly make me late for work by giving me a blow job. I was always going to work happy haha. I remember her telling me early on in our dating relationship that she enjoys sucking **** and swallows. Well this news blew my mind away( ok bad pun).

Fast forward to current time period. We have a daughter together along with two sons from a previous relationship from her. Well, you guess it ******** are a rarity now. I can count on one hand how many times it occurred last year, and now she spits..what the hell. When I bring it up, or ask for that act she immediately gets defensive and accuses me of only wanting that. She is a cold ***** that shows me no affection, and I mean just the daily hugs or kisses that keeps a couple close together. I can’t recall the last time the ***** paid me a compliment..such as you look nice today.

Last Sunday morning we decided to attend church. After getting dress I had to wait for the rest of the family to finish up. So, I began putting away the clean clothes from the laundry I did the previous night. I finish that basket and went into the laundry room to retrieve another basket. The clothes were the *******’s and they were on the drying rack. I did a quick touch and they seemed dry to me, so I placed them in the clean basket with additional clean clothes. The ***** went into the laundry room looking for a particular item and she saw that what I did to her clothes. She immediately blurted out god dammed it, don’t touch my ******* clothes why did you do that. I said I thought they were dry, and was going to put them away for you. She responded by saying **** you, and held the article of clothing to my face while shouting does this seem ******* dry. I did not want to fight so I said I’m sorry I thought they were dry. Yes, we still to church. It gets better she dropped off our daughter for Sunday school and she told us to get a seat inside. The ***** and her sons sat three to four persons apart from me, but at least in the same pew. I felt so alone, and had all these emotions running through my mind, I just wanted to get up and leave them, there, but in the end I was a wimp. Fast froward to that night she was headed to a play with a girlfriend. Her girlfriend pick her up, and she announced that she was leaving. I responded in a friendly tone that I would get the door, so that she wouldn’t have to lock it behind her. She responded by saying **** you. Well the next day I try to talk to her about her behavior towards me, and that I deserve an apology. She told me that she wasn’t sorry for hurting my feelings, and that it was my fault. Well since we treat each other like distant roommates that don’t talk to each other. The ***** currently is giving me the silent treatment for punishment. I wish I could leave, but I love my daughter too much to be separated from her, she’s only six. I truly have no respect for my ***** of a wife anymore. I think she’s a miserable person who thinks she’s always right. I did something funny the other night. After coming home from the health club still kinda of sweaty with her in bed already sleeping. I jumped into bed too without showering..I thought it was funny. I really hate the *****. She has a high-powered executive position, and she constantly brags to me that she makes more then I do, and how she rescued me from the dumps.

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3 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Well, if she makes more than you, that's terrific! If you divorce, YOU will be getting money from HER, for a while at least. So the main obstacle to getting away from her is a non-issue for you, you lucky dog! The main thing to figure out is how to ensure you get credit as a good and caring father, so you get time with you child. Do your research, Google is your friend, but I think you have a very good situation. You can reboot your life without getting wiped out financially, which is what keeps most men locked in the misery of marriage. Better days are ahead, just research and plan, and you and your child will be in great shape in a few years.

It sounds like she wants you out. Your girl will be better off with parents that don't hate each other. It's to bad that statistics show your better off married, and kids are better off with both parents. This is only if you have a good relationship, your happier and healthier that way. But if your like you or I we are shown to have more chronic illness and kids that are messed up. It's sad we just can't be one of thoughs with good marriages, where the other person actually cares about how good the relationship is. Maybe you can print some stuff off the internet about how bad relationships effect kids and tell her she needs to read this for the welfare of your daughter. You can be a better dad if your mentally healthy and it sounds like that can't happen when your with her. Maybe try to get a degree online to boost your income so she doesn't look down on you so much. Think about things that need to be done and get them done without her nagging at you. I'd be impressed and have more respect for my man if he was sober, got more education and wanted to have sex with me. Is that asking to much? I'd like to see progress and have to think for him so much that's why I'm planning on divorcing if I can't get what I want. I hope your not an alcoholic, because Drunk husbands suck elephant balls. If you are get help and try to impress her if she's lost respect for you. Try to do something to save the marriage, because if you do and she knows your trying she might try. And if you know you tried you will not feel so guilty when the divorce goes through. That's what I'm thinking anyway. I've tried everything with mine, but he still drinks and get's no education and does everything half ***. Show her you have a brain, I'd love it if my husband would do this. It would save our marriage.

I'm in the same hole man. It seems easy to take the abuse so your kid doesn't have to suffer but it builds up until you are dead inside. At that point what is better, your kid seeing an emotionally dead father every day or seeing a great alive father every other weekend.