I Can't Deal With My Wife's Religious and Bossy Ways.

Hello. I am writing  because I have alot on my mind. I am so sick and tired of her controlling ways and not always willing to compromise. My wife has been studying for over 18 years as a want to be jehovah's witness. Please forgive me, I mean no harm or to offend any one  who is a witness. I have tried to understand and compromise with her. She seems to find fault alot with me or says,'I am overbearing and or controlling. It's the opposite. For most of her life, men have come and gone and she has 8 children total. The baby is 8 yrs. old and she is my daughter. I am so angry and confused. I really want to make my marriage work, but I can"t seem to deal with all the irreconcilable differences that we have. She has been mom and dad all her life to all the children. Both of us, have been through some rough times in our lives. What do I do? I am at my wits end. I have already started looking and obtaining info. on how to get a dissolution of marriage?

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2009

JWs are usually a bit overzealous at first, throw out all their record collection at first and then later chill out a bit and want the same records back. Just remind that you're still head of the household, and even if you're not a believer, she's still got to be submissive according to they teach, and she's supposed to win you over with her submissive ways and be reasonable.

I'm sorry to here about how undone things seem to be. Leaving things undone is the worst feeling for a wife, my husband could have a GED and a DRIVERS LICENSE but chooses to leave it undone. He needs to get sober for good and doesn't do what it takes to get there leaving it undone. When he does help around the house he can't do the full job but leaves it undone by doing it half way. It seems like work gives him more pleasure than anything, so why doesn't he just run off and do what makes him happy. Be a doer and get help somehow with your marriage, dvd's-books-therapy. Otherwise your just making yourself upset right. Work toward a solution or do what it takes to get out. Tell her your way or no way if that's how you feel. I wish mine would so I could make a decision to get rid of him. Problem is if someone is working toward trying to make things right between you then you feel guilty for divorcing. I want things to get better in my marriage, but I wish he would say he doesn't care if they get better or not so I could practice what I'm preaching. I can't go to rehab for him it's as simple as that I guess, actions may speak louder than words in my case.