I Hate My Life Because of My Wife.

1. We were dating for 9 years and decided to get married on our 10th.  She was sweet and loving and I would support her financially her plans for business.  I spend all my money to start her computer business, which does not turn out so well that the shop became a school supply store.  She was so focused on the store that we didn't had a honeymoon... ever.  She also lost my wedding ring and it's okay to her.


2.  Another thing that don't went well was when we're dating, I gave her all my ATM, credit cards to show trust up to now that I have to ask for daily work money.  Problem was she don't trust me anymore to have my own ATM and credit cards.  His father does the withdrawal every payday.


3.  She shouts a lot even to my 5 year old kid.  I've read about good parenting behavior and she does the opposite because she was brought up old style by her parents where being so strict is the best thing to raise a child.


4.  Her parents threatened my mom and dad to let me live at their house or no marriage will occur, which led to my letdown of my planned married life.  Learn cooking, have my own garage, be a good and fun dad.


5. She's getting fatter.

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1 Response Feb 27, 2009

Dude, report the cards lost, and get new ones. You can go to the bank and they will give you new cards right then. There is no excuse for this bullshit. <br />
<br />
Then, take her name off of your account. Make her come to you for money. Then the first time she *******, file for divorce.<br />
<br />
Make a plan and document everything! Build your court case now.<br />
<br />
Good luck.