It's Dying and I Can't Save It....

 i've known and been with my wife for 12 years. 1996 to current and i went through my twenties as one of those guys that thought i was making the right choice. No hook-ups, the excuse " I have someone " and it actually meant something at the time.  Not so much anymore, not since the birth of my daughter.


 Y'see something really strange happens to a woman when she pushes a 8-10 pound entity out of a hole in her body. She thinks that when you come home, god forbid you spent 8-10 hrs slamming on concrete and tying rebar u should clean the house and be more supportive. 

Some backstory... I've never been the best man for her... I stayed out and drank lots of beer with co-workers and said I had to work O.T. but I never ever cheated on her. I love her too much.

 The fact is I hate her right now. I will continue and she wants roses and I will make a **** bouquet for her in a nice paper vase. 

 I don't need this, I try hard to make a living a feed my family but if she wants some fake tv bullshit, have it. I'll teach MY daughter it's not important to be so selfish.

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

Do something to help work things out,or get a divorce or something, don't just sit there and think about how much you hate her. Why is it so hard for men to do something about the problem, both you and her may have problems you know it may not be all on her right. Work on yourself and things should get better, females like to see progress. If progress is not in your vocabulary it might be better keep on getting drunk without her and your child. Look up COA'S (children of alcoholic's)AND SEE WHAT COMES UP,children and wife's of alcoholics are not happy people. You'd be doing them a favor for leaving if they don't realize that now, just let them know when you leave you'll never be willing to give up drinking and things will only get worse even show her the web sites that show how educated you are about the subject. If you care about her or your child at all tell her to find someone who doesn't drink. Otherwise try to get sober if you've got it in you. I'd be a happy camper if my husband did this.